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"Volunteer work overseas for us is really about overseas volunteers helping local people to help local people" - Sven, co-founder.

"Poor people get poor education. We want to give them a better chance and our  volunteers help us" - Gaweechat, 'Toto', co-founder.

Inspired Volunteering in Asia

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The Little Big Project Thailand

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Dealing with culture shock
Volunteer Stories
Almost everyone moving to a foreign land experiences at least mild culture shock. It’s normal for newcomers to another culture to have mixed feelings of curiosity and excitement, but also some discomfort. Knowing what culture shock is, what its different stages are, and how to cope with it considerably lessens its effects. Personal feelings volunteers may experience Honeymoon in the beginning: Everybody is nice, nothing is wrong, you’re having a wonderful time. Distress and homesicknes...

Why Openmind Projects

  • Low volunteer costs. We are a non-profit NGO, not an international volunteer agency. Therefore lower volunteer costs for you!
  • High value volunteer work. Avoiding volunteer work that local people can do better and get paid for!
  • Local grass root projects. Your money goes direct to the projects, not to overseas salaries and marketing.
  • Specialist on Asia. We can match local needs with your skills.
  • Flexible dates. You can combine projects.
  • Unique volunteer training. Free, before you start.  Including cross cultural training
  • State of the art teaching model.

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