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Free Volunteer Training in Thailand

A free volunteer week


Get a Free Volunteer Week

Join our famous, fun and free Volunteer and Cross Cultural Training in Thailand. Your key to volunteer success before you go to your chosen project! Free for Openmind Projects volunteers. Come on Monday and leave the next week end.

Why volunteer training

You would never come unprepared for a new job!  Our Volunteer & Cross Cultural Training will prepare you. Volunteer work, culture, language, making local friends. Get the Southeast Asia feelings! Past volunteers and local projects really recommend it.  

Prepare to volunteer

3 intense days of learning by doing. Practice new language and culture skills immediately on the streets, at the restaurant, the market, a school. A close insight into volunteering, local culture and life!  Meet and exchange ideas with other volunteers and our people. Watch Volunteer Katy's Video

When, where

Once a month at our Training Center by the majestic Mekong River between Thailand and Laos. Stay at our Center (for free) or a nice guesthouse. 

Training Dates

These are Arrival Dates for our Volunteer Training in Thailand. If you prefer another start date, please indicate in your application.
Please note. Only if arriving for the training, and before your volunteer period, is your training week free!

Cross-cultural & Volunteer Training 2016

July 6

August 3

August 31

September 28

October 19

November 16

December 14

Cross-cultural & Volunteer Training 2017

Jan 4

Feb 1

March 1

March 29

April 19

May 10

June 7

July 5

Aug 2

Aug 30

Sept 27

Oct 18

Nov 1

Dec 20

Cross-cultural & Volunteer Training 2018

Jan 10


Volunteer and Cross Culture Training. Your Agenda

Details may change.  The language training is mainly in Thai, but volunteers going to Laos will learn Lao and there is also a chance to learn Burmese, sometimes Karen and Khmer with our trainees from these countries!

Day 1

10.00 Welcome to Openmind Projects!
10.10 Openmind staff and trainees introduce themselves.
11.00 Language 1: How to order food in Thai.
12.00 Challenge: Order lunch in Thai by yourself at a local restaurant!
13.30 Your and Openmind Projects' volunteer expectations.
14.30 Our background, mission and philosophy.
15.30 Language 2: How to greet local people.
16.30 Language 3: How to take a tuk tuk (local taxi).
17.30 Challenge: Visit the famous  Indochinese Market by the Mekong.  Word shopping.  Order food, have dinner and take a tuk tuk back to the Center by yourself!

Day 2

09.00 Do's and Don'ts in Southeast Asian culture.  Etiquette.
09.30 Language 4: How to find directions.
10.30 Culture.  What's behind the etiquette?
11.40 Challenge: Order lunch.
13.00 Language 5: Review directions; more shopping vocab.
14.00 How to learn and teach.  Activity and Context/Situation based.  Learning by Doing instead of Learning by Heart!
15.45 Language 6: A directions game.  How  to buy food. 
17.00 Challenge: Buy food at a local market for our welcome dinner.  Cook!
18.30 Welcome Culture Dinner.  Introduce yourself in Thai!

Day 3

09.00 Language 7: Classroom vocab.
10.15 Lesson planning with your local colleagues.
12.00 Challenge: Lunch.  Order food again.
13.30 Challenge: Your teach training the Learning by Doing style, and with local students!
16.15 Review: Feedback.  Test yourself, what you learned during your 3 extra training days.  Are you prepared?

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