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Volunteer IT Teaching Overseas in Thailand

Internet and Online Learning adapted to the disadvantaged and isolated young in Southeast Asia can be their best hope!

 IT training

Volunteer teaching IT with Openmind Projects

In Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal

Openmind Projects pioneered IT learning in the poor Northeast Thailand, already in 2001. Convinced that IT and internet will be important to the education of the isolated youth in Southeast Asia. 

volunteer IT training IT in Isan was born in the poor Northeast Thailand, to find ways to use IT and internet as learning tools for poor farmer children.  
In 2008, Openmind Projects was recognized as a finalist to the Stockholm Challenge ICT for Development

Online learning, games, chatting. It can all contribute to the life long learning of young people.

Please share your IT skills and make IT happen!

IT volunteer

Volunteer IT teaching opportunities

Help students, volunteer IT teaching at schools
Train our trainees at our Center in Thailand, on our scholarships, from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal 
Join our special  Holiday and Learning Camps. for village children

Other common tasks
Hardware and software training
Internet usage
Online searching/learning

kids learning IT

Volunteer Tasks at Openmind Projects Training Center in Thailand

Research and development
Computer lessons and online learning for our trainees
Web design, social media, information and promotion
Database work, video and photo management
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 and we'll be happy to discuss projects with you

If you just want to learn more about IT volunteering with us and where, email us
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  • Holiday Camps

    Holiday Camps Thailand

    Have a blast teaching at a holiday camp with children while sharing their culture. Help give poor children and students an extra and free chance to learn for a better future!
    Learn more
  • Nong Khai Training Center

    Openmind Projects Training Center

    Northeast Thailand

    Train Openmind Projects trainees from Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Burma/Myanmar. Teach poor school children at poor schools.

    Learn more
  • Sabaeng School in Isan

    Sabaeng School in Isan

    Northeast Thailand

    If you want to experience the genuine rural Thailand, the traditional, but also poor part of Thailand, go northeast to Isan, where people speak the Lao dialect Isan! Go to the Sabaeng village, volunteer at their school!
    Learn more
  • Sabaeng School in Isan

    Phonsawart village - Farmers with no land

    Northern Laos

    Phonsawart is a  ‘village’ of displaced people 3 hours from the Lao capital Vientiane.  Dam constructions forced them to leave their old farms.

    Learn more
  • Arunrangsee

    Arunrangsee School

    Northeast Thailand

    Good for volunteers who want to teach young children and stay at the Openmind Projects Center!
    Learn more
  • Nonghan Wittayakon School

    Nonghan Wittayakon School

    Northeast Thailand

    Great experience to teach young children and experience a small Isan town!
    Learn more
  • Ban Nong Kok

    Nong Kok School near the sea

    South Thailand

    How about a small Muslim village near the fantastic Ao Nang beach?  Here's Ban Nong Kok!
    Learn more
  • Hat Kam

    Hat Kam Wattana School

    Northeast Thailand

    For the volunteer who wants to help a small village while staying in our center in Nong Khai.
    Learn more
  • Dongsavath

    Dongsavath Kindergarten & Primary School


    Experience small village life and learn about many Lao cultural activities!
    Learn more
  • Goseiykett

    Temple Schools in NongKhai

    Northeast Thailand

    Interested in learning about Buddhism while teaching in a rural temple? 
    Learn more
  • Battambang Children's Home

    Battambang Children's Home


    Great opportunity to support disadvantaged children to become reintegrated into their community.
    Learn more
  • Hoh Kam

    Hoh Kam Pittayasan School

    Northeast Thailand

    For volunteers who want to stay in a typical Isan village by the Mekong river.
    Learn more
  • ...

    Volunteer in Tessaban 3 Primary and Secondary School

    Northeast Thailand

    Excellent for volunteers who want to teach children and teenagers and stay at our Openmind Projects Training Center
    Learn more
  • Wat Keaw Kro Wararam

    Wat Keaw Kro Wararam Temple School in Krabi

    South Thailand

    For volunteers who want to learn about Buddhism and Buddhist temple life!
    Learn more
  • Ban Dung Wittaya Secondary School

    Ban Dung Wittaya Secondary School

    Northeast Thailand

    A great opportunity to teach older students while staying in a small Isan town with a host family!
    Learn more

Volunteer Stories

Thinking with your heart
Education & Learning
One of the key concepts in Thai culture is kreng jai. The phrase is best translated as being considerate or courteous, but examining its literal meaning – “awe of the heart” – can give some important insights into Thai culture. Someone who is kreng jai does not want to offend, impose on or cause discomfort to another person. They will try to avoid bothering you with their problems, and will be reluctant to contradict you. It can also be tied in with Thai notions of respect and hi...
Our gift to you, your gift to local people
It's soon season's greetings time! Why not go volunteering? Many of us long to get a break, away from the stress, so why not go volunteering? We noticed your interest in volunteering with Openmind Projects! Many thanks. With our Training Center in Thailand by the Mekong River in the middle of Indochina and supporting some 70 projects in Asia, we could find the right holiday project for you!Volunteer in December and/or January and we'll give yo...
Never give up! Overcoming volunteer headaches. By Kathy from Canada
Volunteer Stories
Kathy stayed in Nong Khai for two months, teaching at Arunrangsee School. Her volunteering didn't get off to the best start when she found her pupils difficult to manage. Here she talks about how, together with the Openmind Projects staff, she was able to overcome this hurdle and make her experience positive. I arrived in Nong Khai and took part in the Volunteer Training at the OMP Training Center.  The next week I began my volunteer position at a local school, teaching English to c...
Making the Most of Volunteering Abroad: My Top Tips
About Volunteering
I was fortunate enough to volunteer with Openmind Projects in Nong Khai for a total of five months and really enjoyed it. Coming from a sheltered New Zealand up-bringing initially meant the Thai culture and environment was challenging to grasp. However, the longer I stayed the more I learnt. Here are some key elements I adopted which contributed to a very memorable and rewarding experience.   Be adaptable. I found this crucial. The Thai culture is immensely different to what I am use to....




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