"Volunteer work overseas for us is really about overseas volunteers helping local people to help local people" - Sven, co-founder.
"Poor people get poor education. We want to give them a better chance and our volunteers help us" - Gaweechat, 'Toto', co-founder.

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I would undoubtedly recommend volunteering with Openmind Projects. Toto, Sven and the gang were so welcoming and kind and my two weeks at the Openmind House were the highlight of my six weeks trip to Thailand.
Catherine, UK

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10 Reasons why volunteer with Openmind Projects

eco volunteer thailand
Small NGO. Great Ideas, Great People
Affordable Volunteering. Lower volunteer costs. Local non-profit, no international agency
Free Training Week. Join the training, get a free volunteer week.
Volunteer Work that does not take jobs away from locals
Grassroot Projects in Southeast Asia. Your money goes to local people
We are Asia. Matching people and project
Flexible. Dates and placements
Unique Volunteer Training. A learning by doing gateway to volunteering
Trending Teaching. Helping students to learn, role plays
Camp Thailand. Multilearning. Multiculture. Amazing camps

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