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Figthing Poverty in Asia. Who and How We Help

Giving poor village girls, boys and their parents from Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Nepal better learning opportunities. 

We are local, understand the problem. Poor girls, boys and parents get poor education, remain poor. Village schools are poor. Teachers are few. Traditional teaching does not inspire. Children score poorly on international tests.  

We believe in knowledge and learning how to use it!  Transform young people from passive to active learners. Internet, English, modern education and enthusiastic volunteers are our weapons in this fight!

Together we create successful learners, build motivation and confidence. With Internet we let young people explore and discover the world, learn English. We help each other and we help nature! 

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What We Do

Learning Camps

Inspire campers to become learners, gain important knowledge and the skills how to use them!

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Training Center

Village children and young campers become lifelong learners!

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Field Projects

Volunteers bring knowledge and skills to local projects.

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