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Poor children in Southeast Asia get poor education and remain poor


Unequal opportunities. Poor families cannot afford good education for their children.


Technology can be the poor child’s best friend but poor schools do not have IT. In most cases students do not know how to use the Internet as a learning tool - only as chatting media.


Students are unmotivated by traditional rote learning. Memorizing English words by heart is inefficient and many students can not speak English even after many years of study.


Decades of conflict in Myanmar have left displaced refugee children behind.


Village children do not have the same educational opportunities as children in cities. Many drop out early and get low paying jobs and remain poor!


of refugee children don't attend primary school

Source: UNHCR 2016

Inspire learners and they will help themselves


Our camps give students the confidence to communicate in English. Students are inspired to use technology in order to develop and express their own opinions.


We believe students perform best when they are inspired to learn with the help of technology, local peers and overseas volunteers. Students are encouraged to search online for information and then share, discuss and debate their findings.


Everything is free for camp students.


Finding out about the free and unlimited learning opportunities on the internet is vital to becoming a lifelong learner! We show young people how to use their smartphones as a tool for learning and professional development.


No telling! Only asking questions foster critical thinking, a vital part in true learning! Camp students look for answers, the hallmark of 21st century learning!


”As a sponsor and volunteer at camps, I enjoyed everything about these camps except the last day. That's the day of students tears, as they say goodbye to an experience of a lifetime. It's that impactful...for them and me.”

Mike Volunteer, United States

”As a volunteer i was lucky enough to have participated in 3 camps. The OMP camps are a great way for underprivileged youths to learn and bond. The skills and knowledge acquired, and not forgetting the friendships forged is eternity.”

Shona Volunteer, Singapore

”The camp made me more confident in myself it helped me to find the real true me. I now know what I want to do in my life and how I can use my abilities in my life for a better future.”

Ghom Camper, Thailand

”The debates make me more confident. I learn English by searching, discussing, not by heart! First the volunteers teach me and then we have to search and find information and discuss with our friends before we present the information.”

Wah Wah Camper, Myanmar

”In school we follow the teacher and we follow the books in a passive way – In the OMP camps we learn how to use internet and we learn to be active learners.”

Akhom Camper, Laos

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