Career Break in Asia

Career Break Volunteering in Asia

Volunteer on your career break or vacation in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia or Nepal 

You meet new people, habits, and values different from yours.  You get to think about life and career. You will meet new people make new friends on a holiday away from work. A useful break for any working man or woman!

What do you want from your volunteering?

Is it about career break Volunteering or holiday volunteering? Do you want to see another way to live, learn about or test yourself?  Or do you want a volunteer holiday instead of the sun, sea or ski holiday?

What country do you want to visit, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal or another country or several?

Do you want to be around like minded volunteers? Or do you look to go local?

Are you a ‘city man’? Do you prefer the comfort you are used to?  Or are you a ‘country woman’, ready to rough it a bit, living with local friends?

Do you love the sea or the mountains, the village or the city? 

Do you like to use your hands or looking to teach?

Take your time, be honest to yourself. Ask yourself what you want to do and how you like to live as a volunteer. Make sure you feel that you make the right choice. That will be the best for your project and for you! 

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volunteer teaching english
Career Break volunteer at openmind projects learning camp


How will volunteering benefit you?

You live in a different country and learn about their culture, living conditions and way of thinking.

You are exposed to unexpected situations that you will learn to accept and handle. You gain cross-cultural understanding and better social skills when working with people who are not like you. 

A Career Break Abroad will give you time to think about what you really like with your future. And you add a special touch to your CV.

A chance to give yourself an unforgettable, rewarding and enjoyable time with new friends!

Begin your career break or volunteer holiday at home!

Consider your options and the conditions, requirements.

We want you to speak good English, and have no criminal background.

We want you to use your skills to help people and to adapt to their lives.

We want you to read our Online Pre Departure Handbooks that we send you once you confirm to volunteer.

We really want you to come for the Volunteer Training at our Center in Thailand, before you start iff you can! An extra and free week.

Prepare to give us and the world feedback about your experiences. Start a blog about your trip before you travel!



Work on a Career Break or Volunteer Vacation

Career Break volunteer teaching English in Thailand

Your Career Break depends as much on your volunteer objectives as on your skills!  

You can teach English, IT and internet in villages, on islands, in the mountains. You can volunteer for ecotourism and community development in maybe even marine conservation. You can work with children, stateless migrants or join our popular camps! 

You can volunteer at our Training Center in Thailand, help our trainees and teach at a local school.

Consider what you want to get out of your career break or volunteer vacation.

We will discuss what and where and how to use your skills during your free application process before you confirm, decide.




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