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Career Break Volunteer in Asia

2018, the Year you Take a Break to Volunteer

Change your life. Change the life of someone else. 

Volunteer in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia or Nepal. 

Take a break, make new friends and gain new experiences on a meaningful break away from home!

Are you looking to take a career break, have a vacation, make new friends, get new perspectives, gain new experiences, test yourself?  Volunteering in Asia is the answer!

Your can also:

Get a Free Volunteer Week! 

Join our Amazing Learning Camps!

Help us with R&D, IT, pay less!

Are you a city or countryside person, culture or nature person? Do you love the sea or the mountains? Do you like to use your hands or to teach?

Tell us and we will suggest the career break, holiday volunteer project for you!

Read about  Career Breaker Ray from Italy 

volunteer teaching english
Career Break volunteer at openmind projects learning camp

How volunteering benefits you

Living, working in another culture means you learn to understand other ways of life and thinking. You gain important cross-cultural understanding and social skills. 

You learning to handle the unexpected, so you become more flexible and gain confidence to meet future challenges. 

A break away abroad gives you time to think it over, about your career and future. And you add that special touch to your CV!

Begin your volunteer adventure at home!

Consider what you want out of your career break or volunteer holiday

Then consider your options.

You should speak good English and we want youto bring and use your skills to help people.

Read and prepare yourself for your volunteer trip, ask us. We will send you an Online Volunteer Handbook when you confirm to us about volunteering.


Welcome to an extra and free week of Volunteer Training at our Center in Thailand, before you start! 

Whether you volunteer for two, three, four or more weeks, you are always welcome for this extra and free week!

Work on a Career Break or Volunteer Vacation

Career Break volunteer teaching English in Thailand

Your Career Break depends as much on your volunteer objectives as on your skills!  

You can teach English, IT and internet in villages, on islands, in the mountains. You can volunteer for ecotourism and community development in maybe even marine conservation. You can work with children, stateless migrants or join our popular camps! 

You can volunteer at our Training Center in Thailand, help our trainees and teach at a local school.

Consider what you want to get out of your career break or volunteer vacation.

We will discuss what and where and how to use your skills during your free application process before you confirm, decide.




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