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Code of Conduct

Openmind Projects Statutes, Guiding Principles, Values and Code of Conduct

Openmind Projects works towards equal opportunities and rights for all, equal education and job opportunities for men and women, poor and rich, regardless of ethnic, religious or sexual orientation. Openmind Projects works to empower the disadvantaged, protect the environment, reduce climate change and pollution, and promote healthy living.

We share a vision of a world where girls and boys are valued and treated equally, equally able to influence their lives. Young women and men, poor or marginalized, should be able to exercise their rights and influence decisions of importance to their own lives. We help the poor and marginalized to claim their opportunities to education.  

We are campaigning at the grassroots to tackle poverty, always rooted in a vision of a world where girls and boys are valued and treated equally, able to influence their lives, the decisions that affect their lives and meet their responsibilities as citizens.

Our goals put local communities and the voices of poor people at the Centre for ending the injustice of poverty.

More women, young people and other poor and marginalized people should be able to exercise their rights, influence decisions of importance to their own lives and to the lives of people in power.

Champion Equal Rights For All And Focus On Women

Poor people in general and women in particular are still under-represented and often oppressed. We help more poor and marginalized people and women to claim their rights to education.

Help People Claim A Fairer Share Of The World’s Wealth

We work to help the marginalized become significantly more prosperous and resilient, despite increasing gaps between rich and have poor.

General Policy. Openmind Projects shall be and remain an autonomous NGO, non-profit charity, where any excess of funds received or generated shall always be reinvested in its activities. The accounts shall be reviewed and audited on a yearly basis. 

Provided our autonomy is not affected, we may collaborate with other entities on a national, regional or international basis in order to further their aims.  Openmind Projects shall not have any political or religious affiliation and shall not indulge in local party or religious politics or proselytizing. 

Leading by example. We lead by example, demonstrating our values in our daily way of working.  

Empowerment. Our approach means that everyone involved with Openmind Projects, staff, trainees, volunteers and the ones we help, should feel they can make change happen.

Accountability and responsibility. We take responsibility for our actions and hold ourselves accountable.

Inclusiveness. We embrace diversity and open minds. Everyone should be able contribute to the change we strive for regardless of differences.

Approach to helping people. We believe that local people and communities understand their situation best and the help they need. Constant learning and improvement are part of our culture and hopefully a role model to others. 

Code of Conduct

Everyone working, volunteering or training with OMP shall help protect the Openmind Projects name from unauthorized use or imitation. No one must claim to represent the views of OMP without explicit authority to do so. In any activity arranged by OMP, humanitarian, development, campaigning or other events everyone will use and work under the name OMP. No one shall fundraise in the name of OMP without specific prior approval from the OMP management.

Everyone working, volunteering or training with OMP must obey local laws and rules. Everyone working, volunteering or training with OMP must follow the OMP rules and not express or promote any political or religious opinions.

Equal Treatment. Everyone working, volunteering or training with OMP must demonstrate gender and cultural sensitivity. All people working for OMP should be treated the same way with no special favors to anyone. We adhere to a principle of non-discrimination with respect to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and physical ability.

Dress and Conduct. All OMP representatives must respect local dress and behavior codes and behave in a manner which does not bring their country, the placement or Openmind Projects into disrepute.

All OMP members, staff, trainees, volunteers, and advisers will follow the laws of their own and their host country.

OMP Values

As we strive to achieve our goals, we will lead by example in demonstrating the same values that we wish to see in the people we work with and those we want to help.

Empowerment. Our approach means that everyone involved, from our staff and volunteers to children living in poverty should feel they can make change happen.

Accountability. Motivation driven approach means Openmind Projects members take responsibility for their own learning!  

Inclusiveness. We embrace diversity. We believe everyone has a contribution to make. 

As a registered Thai Foundation Openmind Projects may hire staff, pass agreements, rent premises, and organize its activities and events. Openmind Projects has duties with respect to Thai legislation, is responsible for acts carried out in its name, must honor its commitments and must keep its accounts up to date.  

Impartiality and Neutrality. Our activities are not based on political, economic, or religious interests. Openmind Projects does not take sides or intervene according to the demands of governments or other parties.

Rights And Obligations

Our Approach To International Volunteering

The local community designs the best approach to international volunteering. Local people are the experts. Openmind Projects is a local organization, our staff, our trainees, our campers; our field projects know their needs and objectives. Our teamwork alongside local people is to make sure volunteers and we can make an impact.

Our volunteers contribute to the objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

END Poverty, ENSURE HEALTHY LIVES, and ENSURE EQUITABLE EDUCATION, promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, ACHIEVE GENDER EQUALITY, and empower all women and girls man and boys.


Code of Conduct and Rules for Volunteers and Interns


Volunteers are expected to be respectful of other participants, our staff, trainees, the placement, and the community.

Participants are representatives of not only themselves but also Openmind Projects and act as ambassadors to their home country.

The use of drugs is illegal. Anyone who is found asking for, buying, in possession of, or using drugs will be expelled from the program and reported to the local law enforcement authority. Keep in mind that your country’s embassy will not be able to protect you if you are in custody of the local authorities

No smoking or drinking at schools nor inside Openmind Projects premises.

Under no circumstances will anyone carry weapons or have weapons or ammunition while with Openmind Projects!

Volunteers are expected to respect their fellow volunteers and local friends by observing quiet hours after 11 pm each night at our Center.

Volunteers are prohibited from relations with local program people while on the program. Volunteers may not take part in any violence, including physical or emotional violence, toward any other individual.

No volunteer is permitted to meet alone with a camp or trainee minor in any private place or location.

Volunteers are assigned to bedrooms based on gender. Volunteers are allowed access to their own bedroom only.  

Openmind Projects volunteers must observe neutrality and impartiality with regard to local politics and religion.

Volunteers undertake to respect our code of ethics and maintain complete independence from all political, economic, or religious powers.

In the event of unacceptable behavior or a violation of local rules and policies, Openmind Projects or the placement may terminate your participation, and you will be asked to leave the program.  

By confirming and paying, volunteers agree to abide by the Openmind Projects policies and rules or direction of the in-country staff. 

Volunteers are expected to be flexible and patient when faced with challenges and to be respectful of and care for the property of Openmind Projects, the in-country staff, and fellow volunteers. Volunteers attend to placement work as scheduled with the local projects and/or Openmind Projects, and are expected to actively participate in any scheduled local cultural & learning activities.

Management Objectives and Responsibilities


The OMP Objectives

To provide support and information to young underprivileged people, schools, villages, and communities in Southeast Asia. To help people to educate themselves with the help of technology.

To raise public awareness of the importance of education to reduce poverty, income, wealth and gender inequalities, and to protect the environment. To promote the interests of the people, projects, and causes that Openmind Projects supports.

To raise funds for Openmind Projects activities by means of donations from overseas volunteers as well as corporate, international and individual donors. To support and cooperate with national/international organization/s whose aims are similar to those of Openmind Projects. To encourage and promote research that contributes to poverty reduction, improving education opportunities for the underprivileged, reducing inequities, and protecting the environment.

Executive Team

The cofounders Sven Mauleon and Gaweechat Joompaula form the Executive Team of OMP and manage the affairs of Openmind Projects. The Executive Team may also consist of someone else appointed and agreed by the co-founders.

Key Advisors to OMP are appointed and reappointed on an ongoing basis. In the event of the resignation (or termination for other reasons) of a Team Executive Member, the remaining Team Executive can offer another member to take his/her place.

The Executive Team shall manage the activities of Openmind Projects. Legal representation of the Organization shall vest in the Executive Team together.


Recognized and Recommended