Marine Conservation Volunteer Abroad

Marine Conservation. Dive Volunteering in Thailand

Marine Conservation and Dive Volunteer Opportunities in Thailand

Good news! Amazing chances to volunteer at dive sites along the Andaman Coast! Unique marine and dive experiences with Thai Marine Research Centers.

Bad news! Over-development, deforestation and mass tourism threaten marine life. Large scale fishing is unsustainable. Plastic waste pollutes the oceans, kill sea turtles taking plastic bags for food! Oil spills, sewage, chemical and agricultural waste are more threats! 

Free Volunteer Training Week as Openmind Projects volunteer. Affordable volunteering and diving with Openmind Projects. 

Limited availability, high demand, so apply early!

The dive season starts in October at the end of the monsoon and lasts until April due to weather conditions, rough seas and less visibility.

Volunteer marine conservation in South Thailand

New to Volunteering? New to Diving?

Get a Free Volunteer Training Week at our Training Center, very useful before you start!

We can help you get a dive certificate in Thailand, at a Dive center. Cheaper than at home, and near your volunteer project.

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Dive Volunteer Work in Thailand

Monitoring the status of coral reefs, fish species and sea turtles. 
Restoring beaches, mangroves and sea bottoms.  
Supporting local staff in collecting data for authorities and local communities. 
Teaching English to local staff and school children.
Creating tourist information in English.
Volunteer work  depends on local plans and weather conditions. 
Surveys along the Andaman coast, from Myanmar in the North to Malaysia in the South, to unseen places where leisure divers do not go!

Openmind Projects won the Thai Tourism Authority Volunteer Campaign, the ‘Little Big Project’ in 2013 and donated the price money $5000 to saving threatened giant leatherback sea turtles.

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