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Diving and Marine Conservation in Thailand

Marine Conservation Volunteer in Thailand

Unique marine conservation opportunities for the qualified volunteer! 

Over development, deforestation and mass tourism are major threats. Thai Marine Research Centers and national parks work to protect marine ecosystems, coral reefs and mangrove forests from poaching, global warming and also mass tourism impacts but they are under resourced. Openmind Projects supports marine research centers and local communities

In 2013, Openmind Projects won the Ecotourism and Volunteer Campaign, the ‘Little Big Project’. We donated the money 5000 USD to saving threatened leather back sea turtles.

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Dive Volunteer Opportunities in the Andaman Sea

Volunteer Phuket Marine Research

Qualified marine biology, conservation volunteers and skilled divers take part in marine conservation work along the Andaman Coast between Myanmar and Malaysia. You help local staff to survey and document the status of marine life and coral reefs.

These projects are for skilled divers and marine biologists who get a chance to unique and sometimes advanced technical diving, not available to tourists or commercial dive centers.

Depending on experience, season and availability (limited dive volunteer opportunities at the same time), volunteers may take part in a variety of activities like coral reef and debris surveys, sea bottom and beach clean ups, marine life data collection, mangrove reforestation and also teaching English to staff and helping with research and tourist information in English also education at schools



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