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Support young people in Southeast Asia

We need your help to empower girls and boys to realize their dreams

Their Needs - Our Solution

We help the impoverished, young and old, girls, boys and their parents to a better future, for them and their environment! 

Their Needs. Poor children get poor education. Schools are poor and with traditional rote learning, memorizing, children are bored, do not learn. 

Our Solution. We help them become lifelong learners using modern learning ideas. They gain vital 21st century, English and IT,  gateways to a better future. We help them to learn to learn, from memorizers to active learners.

About Openmind Projects

About our Training Center

About our Learning Camps 

How we think about Learning

How Your Donation Helps

We depend on donors as well as volunteers.

As a donor, you can help our trainees at our Training Center and you can support our campers at our Learning Camps. You can also support a volunteer to go to one of the villages, schools for the left behind girls and boys in Southeast Asia.

Our camps are completely free for students and so is our center for our trainees, IT and learning material, meals, accommodation. This costs money! More than we can afford.

Mobile camps for migrant children in the mountains cost a lot. These isolated children cannot come to our camps at our center. They have no money to travel. Many are stateless, without passport or id. They are not allowed to travel! We bring the camps to them!

From a Refugee Camp to a Camp Leader

Moe came a long way from Myanmar. Raised in a small and poor village she did not have any opportunity for good education. After coming to Openmind Projects she learned both Thai and English at the same time and became an independent 21st century learner.

Our Impact

50 Camps

since 2007

1800 Campers

since 2007

1500 Volunteers

since 2002

150 Trainees

since 2008

OMP cost transparency chart

How Your Donation Helps

Your donations go directly to help the Openmind Training Center, the learning camps, the field projects. Of course, we have some kind of administration cost, but since we operate directly in Thailand these costs are very small.

Bring hope and inspiration to children who otherwise see a bleak future. Donate for our Learning Camps!

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