Ecotourism Conservation Volunteer

Ecotourism and Conservation in Asia

Ecotourism and Conservation Volunteering in Thailand, Laos and Nepal

Conservation, ecotourism and community development go together!

Help  local communities. Wildlife is endangered, some already gone, and the environment exploited. Tour operators bring tourists to attractive places but keep the income, leaving little money to the local community. As a volunteer you can help local people to benefit more from eco-tourism, conservation and wildlife protection.

An ecotourism volunteer works to help the community protect nature and encourage conservation!

In 2013, Openmind Projects won an international volunteer campaign, the ‘Little Big Project’ run by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). We won with our Marine Conservation Project in South Thailand. We donated the prize money, 5000 USD,  to giant leatherback turtle research.

 Apply for an Eco Community project.

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Ecotourism, Conservation Volunteering. How and where

Conservation and ecotourism volunteers

Depending on projects, your skills and local needs you may volunteer to  teach English to villagers and national park staff. You may help to raise awareness amongst local people, young and old, about conservation and wildlife protection issues.

We work with and offer volunteer opportunities in community projects and national parks in Thailand, Laos and Nepal.

Some volunteers design ecotourism information, brochures, websites in English.

Qualified volunteers do research, help save coral reefs and marine life or participate in wildlife surveys.

Artistic volunteers may help develop handicraft and village products with local people for sale to tourists.

Volunteers build trails and help the local community improve tourist services such as accommodation, trekking, guide and host family services.



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