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Employee Volunteering, volunteer ambassadors abroad

Company Ambassador as a Volunteer Abroad

Be your company's ambassdor as a volunteer in Thailand. An opportunity for you to grow, for your company to gain much good will and welcome back a more expeeinced and valuable staff member.  

Employee Volunteering is a win, win, win, for you , for your company and for the people you help

An opportunity for you to grow, for your company to gain much good will and welcome back a more expeeinced and valuable staff member. Employee Volunteering is a great new training and branding opportunity! You learn a lot of important skills and your company earns a lot of good will! Companies naturally want return on their investment and you are their investment! You want personal development and an interesting  job. Smart employers help their people to do a good job and be proud of their company. It is not only about money but about your future, your work conditions and opportunities.


Employee Volunteering, is a faster lane to happier and more experienced staff.

Smart companies understand the value of international work experience and volunteering abroad with an NGO is a great opportunity open to ambitious young staff! One major company created an Employment Engagement Program. Their employees decide when, where and for what cause they want to volunteer! Microsoft offers employees to volunteer in Africa. Another company places employee teams in projects with international development organizations.  

Your company can do it too!

It does not take the resources of a big corporation! Smaller companies can also support their employees to go volunteering abroad. Your company could support you to volunteer on a Learning by Volunteering project! Experiential learning with a charity!

Volunteer Ambassador, the benefits

The benefits that convince a boss to send you as a volunteer and company ambassador to help people. Bring back lifelong, nice memories and very valuable experiences and  ideas, to use and share!

Benefits for you and your company 

LEADERSHIP. You develop valuable skills in new situations, make decisions and feel responsible for what you do. You learn to lead, multitask and to cross culture teamwork!  

ENERGY AND ENGAGEMENT. Many young employees want to volunteer within the scope of their job and they bring back engagement, energy and loyalty that  goes a long way!

INTERNATIONAL OUTLOOK. Spending time overseas gives everyone new perspectives and ideas that will be useful at work and home too.

TEAM BUILDING. If you go as a team, you get to work and bond with each other in a project with people from another culture, fun, challenging, a very valuable experience.

RECRUITING AND KEEPING. Young employees prefer a company that shares their values. Employers with Corporate Social Responsibility programs make more attractive workplaces. Millennials are soon the dominant workforce and companies must compete to attract young talent. Research has shown that companies with volunteer programs are more successful at keeping their staff.

This is your opportunity. Convince your boss! 

BRANDING AND GOODWILL OPPORTUNITIES. When you go back you can share your memories, experiences with colleagues, friends and family, media  and society. You can write articles, make presentations, videos about what you did and how your company supported you! 

DO YOU BELIEVE, that volunteering abroad is good for you and good for your company? 

If so, talk with your manager, discuss with your colleagues. That's the way to show initiative and ambition, always appreciated by a boss!

We are happy to discuss, share ideas and to organize a project that helps you and your company and you both to help people less privileged than you!

Contact us to learn more, for more details, about what you can do!


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