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Family Volunteers in Asia

Volunteer with your Family

Family Volunteering in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Nepa 

All family members are welcome! Children will be helpful too. Choose projects and tasks depending on interests, skills and the ages of your family members! Every family member can contribute something! You speak English? Welcome to teach or practice English with local people in games and other activities! 

As a local NGO in Southeast Asia we know people and places. We have their daughters and sons staying for free as trainees at our Center or coming to our free Camps! This means genuine, safe and rewarding family experiences in villages, at schools, and our Center. You live with local people who need and appreciate your help! 

Your family members can choose different tasks and engage in different activities. English conversation, your children can do a great job! Or choose IT training, help young students learn about the world, to search online, make presentations to share with friends, play games, music or help restore a school building! 

Families live with local people who need and appreciate help! Volunteers looking for a village experience can do so. We recommend villages in Laos where our families have helped and enjoyed their time and go back. Go elsewhere in Thailand, Nepal or Cambodia. Families can teach Muslim and Buddhist children by the Andaman Sea in South Thailand. Let your children learn about local culture and living conditions, how people live in harmony regardless of religion. Let them play, help and make local friends, a life time memory!  

Your family is welcome to our free, monthly Volunteer Training. Spend free days at our Center before start. Prepare for a great volunteer experience together. Helping local people makes an impact on them and possibly even more on you! Give all family members a lifetime memory to share! Let your children learn about local culture and conditions, make local friends. Your volunteer work leaves time to explore the country! We can arrange for special family packages. Ask us for a quotation. 

Send us a family resume. Tell us about your family’s talents, skills, interests, and dreams. When all family members are involved, everybody learns and enjoys their volunteering more!

family volunteer teaching in Thai school

Your Family is welcome to our Free and Monthly Volunteer Training 

Spend a free week at our Center together before you start. Let all family members prepare for a great volunteer experience!

Family Volunteering, a worthwhile addition to your travel and holiday

Helping local people makes an impact them and even more on you! Your volunteer work is flexible leaving time for recreation and socializing with locals and exploring the area! 

Give all family members a lifetime memory to share! Volunteer when it fits in with your holidays. 

Family Volunteer Packages and Discounts 

Ask us for a quotation.

Openmind Projects is an award winning and registered foundation and NGO in Thailand, founded in 2002 to promote better education opportunities for disadvantaged people in Southeast Asia.  


family volunteer teaching in Thai school

Family Options

Openmind Projects Center in NongKhai 

It has come to be very popular with families since members can get involved in many different activities and projects and they have lots of free time choices, excursions, sports, trekking, visiting our villages and other activities. 

Located in Northeast Thailand by the Mekong River and on the border to Laos, families are welcome at our Center, a school, maybe a temple! At our Center they engage with our trainees in their late teens, early 20s, focus English and computer/internet in task based and other fun activities that we discuss together. Children are welcome to participate. Our trainees are very fond of children.

Our families can also go elsewhere in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia or Nepal or work with Burmese migrants

Bring your family to a village in Laos

Openmind Projects support some amazing mountain villages in Laos and many of our trainees at our Center come from there. They like to bring families to their villages and help, introduce them, making friends with villagers, a great start to village and family volunteering! Teach at the school and practice English out of school too in games and other activities. Help the villagers, rice farmers, learn to take care of Eco tourists for a welcome extra income!  Afternoons and evenings are well spent with the kids, cooking and eating together, playing games, and singing songs. Daytime maybe you agree to  go trekking with some villagers and their children. These village projects offer home-stay accommodation, so your family has a chance to live with a local family, sharing their daily life and food! One village has a special guesthouse, for tourist and volunteers.

Family volunteering in South Thailand 

If you prefer to volunteer by the sea, you can volunteer at one of the schools in the Krabi - Ao Nang area that welcome volunteers. Volunteer  a school for Muslim and Buddhist young children and teenagers.

Families can also volunteer at Openmind Projects Camps

All volunteers, young and old love our Camps! We normally arrange special Learning Camps  in April and October at our Training Center and elsewhere for impoverished and isolated migrants and refugees. 


Volunteer as a family in a community near famous Chitwan National Park. Your local host will take good care of you! Ask us for more information!


On the other hand, go to a village outside Siem Reap, Cambodia. Volunteer at a school with our former trainee Hak, one of too many landmine victims in Cambodia. Ask us for more information.



family volunteer teaching in Thai school

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