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Family Volunteering with Openmind Projects a local NGO in Southeast Asia

Open your minds together to new worlds and cultures as a family! Meaningful and rewarding family volunteering in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia or Nepal. Experience different cultures, live with locals. 

All family members can make great volunteers! 

Think about your family’s talents, interests and personalities. Decide on your trip together. If all family members are involved, the more engaged you would all be! As a family, you can stay together but volunteer on different projects. Teach English or IT. Participate in a community project in Laos or Cambodia. Teach in South Thailand.   


family volunteer teaching in Thai school
family volunteer teaching in Thai school

Family Volunteer where?

Our Center by the Mekong in Nongkhai, the gateway to Lays, is popular with families!

Our Training Center in Nongkhai, Northeast Thailand, makes for a great place for families because family members can find several different tasks, depending on interests, skills and age.  This is also, where your family is welcome to the Free Introduction Week! 

Underprivileged youth from SE Asia stay as trainees at our Thailand Center. We provide free tuition, training, accommodation and meals.

At our Center you can help our young Lao, Thai, Burmese trainees English, IT, other skills. Every week they have tasks to search/learn about important and interesting topics online, share, present on our Friday meetings. They learn English and about the world at the same time! You can also teach at a local school, temple or a juvenile detention center. In addition, our trainees can come along with you!

Our Training Center is a great place for a family, with several volunteer options and tasks. Volunteer at our center, teach at schools, a temple, volunteer at a juvenile detention center for teenage boys, a hospital, internships!

Stay at our Center or maybe a guesthouse and train our young Thai Lao Burmese trainees, English, IT other skills that you may bring and we can discuss!

Our Training Center is a meeting, melting and learning pot for volunteers, trainees and campers from many countries!

Learning Camps

All volunteers, young and old love our Camps; look in our Camp Booklet. We arrange special Learning Camps at our Training Center in Thailand and invite youth from Southeast Asia. We also arrange mobile camps elsewhere for impoverished and isolated migrants and refugees who cannot come to our Center.

A Village in Laos

Volunteer in Laos if your family is interested in community and village life. Help villagers and their children practice English out of school and at school. Help them learn to take care of tourists for an extra income! In the afternoons, early evenings spend time with the kids, games, songs and daytime maybe go trekking. See Laos, Village Communities

This may suit your family with young children who enjoy being outdoors and playing games, sports with local children. Alternatively, an eco-village with chances to go trekking or a combination. WE workwise some amazing mountain villages in Laos were some of our trainees come from and they often take families to their village and help them get started, make for ends with villagers and their children, teach, play games, trek more.

These village projects offer home-stay accommodation, so your family has a chance to live with a local family, sharing living their daily life and food!

South Thailand

You can also volunteer in South Thailand; teach at a school for Muslim, Buddhist children in the Krabi area or Koh Lanta, South of Thailand. If you prefer to volunteer by the sea, you can stay in a guesthouse and volunteer in Krabi or beautiful Koh Lanta.  

Special Opportunities in Nepal and Cambodia, ask us!

Give all family members a lifetime memory to share! Volunteer when it fits in with your holidays. Weekends are free to relax, to go on excursions.

Special family volunteer packages and discounts! 

Welcome to our free, monthly Volunteer Training Week at our Center before start. Prepare all family members for a great volunteer experience!

Family volunteering with Openmind Projects is rewarding

Family volunteering brings multiple skills to local people!

Family volunteering is a worthwhile addition to your holiday where you will make a real impact on communities from disadvantaged backgrounds.

As a family, you can all live together but volunteer on different projects based on your experience. Volunteer to teach English or IT to young students or even participate in a community-based project in Cambodia or Laos - we can match the placements to your individual experience! You can teach English at a local school and your children can also take part in the lessons and help the students.

Volunteer work often takes place over half-days (Monday - Friday), leaving plenty of time during the week and on the weekend to take part in recreational activities, socializing with local families and exploring the area!

Make it a family decision to volunteer! Think about your family’s talents, interests and personalities. Decide on your trip together and remember, if all family members are involved in the planning process - the more engaged you will be. Be immersed in a different culture and experience cultural differences, how to behave, asking for directions in another language, learning simple greetings and get used to eating spicy food!

Openmind Projects is an award winning nonprofit NGO in Thailand, founded in 2002 to promote better education for disadvantaged people in Southeast Asia.  We have a Training Center in Northeast Thailand, arrange Learning Camps and support field projects in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal.

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