Family Volunteering Abroad

Volunteer Families go to Thailand and Southeast Asia

Volunteer with your family in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia or Nepal

We offers affordable family volunteering that allow your children to interact with local children.

LGBT families are also welcome!

A village project may suit families with children who enjoy being outdoors, playing with local children. These projects offer home-stay accommodation. Living in a home-stay is a chance to live with a local family, learning by living their daily life, culture and spicy food!  

If you prefer to live in a guesthouse where your family may enjoy more of the comforts back home, we can arrange that in towns though not villages. 

Families can join all year round from 2 weeks. You have your weekends free to explore country, nature and culture.  

Our volunteer families are welcome to our free, week long, training program before they start!   

What we expect from our volunteer family. 

You are reasonably fluent in English, no criminal backgrounds and you all bring open minds, to learn and adapt. Parents with children under age 15 work closely together. 

family volunteer teaching in Thai school
family volunteer teaching in Thai school

Ask Us for a Family placement

How we help 

When you apply with information about your family, size, ages, interests we will discuss suitable projects with you. The application process is free, no registration fee. We send you pre departure handbooks, and help you with travel, arrival, pick up services and welcome you to our special Volunteer & Cross Cultural Training will prepare you for success. We also help you during your stay.  

Costs for a family volunteer vacation

Your donation goes towards supporting our projects in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal – not to administration overseas since. No registration fees, the application process for your family is free. We will ask for a donation depending on the size of your family, period and project.Take a look at standard Costs to see our range of affordable programs.

How to apply as a family

We need an online application for each family member with the names of the other family members. 

Family Volunteer Work

volunteer teaching english

What’s next? Apply for free

Tell us what you are looking for we do our best to help you help local people.

Apply to volunteer

Need help?

or call / WhatsApp with us now at +66 885 640734

Volunteer families bring multiple skills to local people!

You live together but can volunteer in different projects, different tasks. Typical family activities are teaching English, simple conversation, sharing your computer and internet skills with children and spending your free time with locals. It depends on your skills and interests. 

How about a Cambodia village or you prefer the company of other volunteers at our Center in Thailand, teaching English to young children or joining a Lao community project? Parents Teach children and children can take part. 

Many families volunteer at our Training Center in Thailand, and work with our trainees and teach at a local school. 

The work often takes place over half-days, leaving the rest of the day to engage in recreational activities or socializing with local people and children. 


Make it a family decision! Think about your family’s talents, interests and personalities. Decide on your trip together. If all family members are involved the more engaged all of you will be. Talk about of poverty, cultural differences, how to behave, going to a place with another language, learn how to say “hello,” “my name is”, “thank you,” and “please”.  


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