Gap Year Volunteer Abroad

Gap Year Volunteering in Asia

Gap Year in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal

As Gap Year Volunteer gets to see the world with new eyes. You meet new and unexpected situations, lifelong learning and memories!

Live in a different country, learn about another culture, different living conditions, other ways of thinking. Meet new situations, learn and grow from them. Work with volunteers from other parts of the world, gain cross-culture understanding. Find new perspectives, think about your future. Let your Gap Year volunteering stand out on a college, university or job application!

We will help you find. We train you. We support you. We want to help you to a rewarding gap year, month in Southeast Asia, our home turf! And you will grow more than a year in your gap year! 

Be honest to yourself and let us find your placement together. What gap year experience are you looking for? 

What do you want to learn? About another culture,  language, people skills, about yourself?

Which story do you want to tell your friends?  Your club night in Bangkok or the time you spent with Burmese migrants in remote mountains?

Do you want to be around other volunteers? Or live local?

Are you a ‘city’ guy, who likes a bit of comfort. Or are you a ‘country’ girl , ready to rough it a bit, living local?

Do you love the seas, the mountains, the village, or the city?

Are you the hands on volunteer or looking to help people to learn?

Ask yourself, talk to friends and family. Tell us!

Gap year volunteer learning Thai language at volunteer cross-cultural and volunteer training

Ask Us for a suitable project

A Gap Year Abroad begins at home

What we require of a Gap Year Volunteer. 

Our only requirements are good in English, no criminal background and a willingness to adapt to and respect your host country.

And that you have thought it through before you decide on what to do.

That you read our Online Pre Departure Handbooks before you travel.

We strongly recommend our free Volunteer Training in Thailand!

Come for the Free Training Week at our Center in Thailand before you start. You will earn about local culture and life, the language, volunteer work, teaching, meet our people, other volunteers. 

And then when you volunteer, once in the field.

Please give us regular feedback about your experiences. We are there to help you with and we want you to share your advice, tips with us, field projects and volunteers.


Volunteer work – On your Gap Year

Gap year volunteer teaching English in a Thai primary school

How about getting stuck in a Laos village or you prefer the company of other volunteers at our Center in Thailand, teaching English to Buddhist Monks, joining a marine project?

Your gap year depends on your skills and interests  

You can teach English, IT and internet in villages, on islands, in the mountains.

You can support ecotourism, community development in Laos and Nepal, maybe even marine conservation in the Andaman Sea.

You can work with children, Burmese, Karen migrants. Help us develop English or IT lessons, train our trainees or join our popular camps! 

You can volunteer at our Training Center in Thailand, and work with our trainees and teach at a local school.

This is what we discuss during your free application process.

What’s next? Apply for free

Tell us what you are looking for we do our best to help you help local people.

Apply to volunteer

Need help?

or call / WhatsApp with us now at +66 885 640734


What’s next? Apply for free

Tell us what you are looking for we do our best to help you help local people.

Apply to volunteer

Need help?

or call / WhatsApp with us now at +66 885 640734

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