Gap Year Volunteer Abroad

Experience a Gap Year in Thailand

Volunteer on a Gap Year in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia or Nepal

Embark on a Gap Year in Thailand as a volunteer with Openmind Projects and go on a learning expedition, meeting new people and being immersed in a new and unfamiliar culture! It will be the first part of a life long learning experience, which will prepare you for studies or your first job!

Live and learn with local people, their culture and living conditions and work together with volunteers from other parts of the world and as. This is the Cross Culture way of Learning by Doing, the Openmind Projects way! Volunteering abroad on your Gap Year will make you stand out on a college, university or job application!

You will have so many new experiences and new stories to share while you are away - spending time with Lao children in a remote village, teaching English at a school in Nepal or supporting a an ecotourism project in Thailand? We all want to know how you are doing so do please write and share your story with us too!

Gap year volunteer learn Thai dancing
Gap year volunteer learning Thai language at volunteer cross-cultural and volunteer training

Gap Year Volunteer Work - How WE

As part of your Gap Year, volunteer work with Openmind Projects and we will ensure that you are well prepared before leaving home!

Once you have confirmed, we will send you our Online Pre-Departure Handbooks before you start as it will help prepare you to adapt to your host country. Also you can come for a Free volunteer week during our Cross Culture and volunteer Training course at our Innovative Training Center in Nong Khai in Thailand before you start to ensure you have a great start to your volunteering experience! You will learn about the South East Asian culture and volunteering, the language and our Learning by Doing methods! It’s free to attend and stay at our Centre - you will have a lot of fun, and can practice teaching with Openmind Projects, staff and trainees!

Gap Year Volunteer Projects in South East Asia

Our volunteer work depends on your skills and interests

You can teach English, IT and Internet in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal, in a village, on an island, in the mountains or at our own Training Center in Nong Khai, Thailand.

Volunteer to support ecotourism, community development or even marine conservation in the Andaman Sea. We also support volunteer work with stateless and refugee villages in Laos or Cambodia.

Join our awesome Learning Camps at our Center in Thailand or in remote mountains on the Burma border. You will have a great experience creating memories and meeting people from many different backgrounds!

We have significantly lower volunteer costs at Openmind Projects, we would love to discuss with you what projects will suit you - send us an application now.

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