Gap Year Volunteer in Asia

Student Volunteering in Asia

Student and Young Volunteer Opportunities in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal

Go on a learning expedition on your Gap Year. Volunteer with Openmind Projects. Make new local and volunteer friends from other cultures! 

Free Volunteer Week! Prepare yourselfat a free week at our Center. 

Students and interns who join our Camps or help our administration at our Center pay less.

Live, work and learn with local people and other volunteers.  Gain new experiences. make new friends, You wiil have a better understanding of the world and many stories to tell! 

You can combine projects. Start at our Training Center in Thailand. Then you can spend time with Laos or Cambodia children in a village, teach English at a school in Thailand or Nepal. Volunteer in an ecotourism and community project in Thailand.  

Volunteering abroad on your Gap Year makes you stand out on your resume, your college, university or job application!

Gap year volunteer learn Thai dancing
Gap year volunteer learning Thai language at volunteer cross-cultural and volunteer training

Prepare for your Gap Year Volunteer in Asia

We help prepare you for your Gap Year or Gap Month before leaving home! We send you Online Pre Departure Handbooks, always welcome to ask us for advice!

Welcome, we indeed suggest you come to our Free Volunteer Week of training at our Training Center in Nong Khai, Thailand before you start! 

Learn about culture, volunteering, some useful language and our teach training! It is free to attend and you can stay at our Center, make new local and overseas friends. It will make you feel comfortable and welcome in your new country!

 Your Work as a Gap Year Volunteer

Your volunteer work depends on you and your volunteer project.  When you apply (no registration fees), we will guide you to the project for you!

Teach English as a volunteer. Practice simple conversation in fun Role-Plays. You do not have to be a teacher. During your free training week, you will have a chance to practice! 

Teach IT and Internet, help young students learn to search online and you combine IT/Internet and English!

You can volunteer to support ecotourism and community development. You can even volunteer in marine conservation projects if you are a diver. 

Our Gap Year volunteers love our awesome Learning Camps at our Center in Thailand and in the mountains on the Burma border! 

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Wherever you go, you will have a great experience; meet amazing people from many different backgrounds. Go back with wonderful memories and lots to tell friends and family!

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