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Camp Thailand 

Camp Volunteering in Thailand


The most Innovative Learning Camps in Southeast Asia

Young campers learn together with volunteers. 

Learning by Doing!
Our campers become curios, build confidence and learn to use  critical thinking while learning about the world and improving their English and IT skills.
They learn together, find out about important issues like food and health by searching online, share, discuss, presnt to eachother and debate; good or bad aspects.
To learn to learn and that it is fun to learn is our aim!

Watch our video Camp Thailand  by our Lao trainee Kem. Click on the image.
Watch camper memories from a  2016 camp, 

Camper Wah Wah from Burma: ’The debates make me more confident. I learn English by searching, discussing, not by heart! First the volunteers teach me and then we have to search and find information and discuss with our friends before we present the information.’

We help the disadvantaged young from Burma, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia

What we do at our Camps

We learn in teams, volunteers, our people and campers. They get tasks, to find out about the world, health, environment using English, computers and Internet. We discuss, use games, shows, encourage teamwork and critical thinking.Volunteers work with small groups at our camps.

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Volunteer Stories

Volunteer in North or South Thailand 2: Culture & Language
Volunteer Stories
This is the second post in a four part series comparing the volunteer experience in Nong Khai and Krabi, our two main bases in Thailand, written by Andy from the UK. He attended the Volunteer & Cross Cultural Training in Nong Khai and then stayed for around six weeks teaching at Hat Kam School. He then headed down south, where he has now spent twelve weeks so far, teaching at Ban Nong Kok School among others. Today he gives a comparison of the cross cultural experiences in eac...
Our gift to you, your gift to local people
It's soon season's greetings time! Why not go volunteering? Many of us long to get a break, away from the stress, so why not go volunteering? We noticed your interest in volunteering with Openmind Projects! Many thanks. With our Training Center in Thailand by the Mekong River in the middle of Indochina and supporting some 70 projects in Asia, we could find the right holiday project for you!Volunteer in December and/or January and we'll give yo...
7 ways to be a successful volunteer abroad
About Volunteering
We liked this blog by Richard Brownsdon, former Openmind Projects volunteer and winner of the Little Big Project on seven ways to be a terrible volunteer abroad. In return, here are our seven tips for being a great one! 1. Make the most of your skills You have a range of volunteer projects abroad to choose from, and it makes sense to go for one that makes the most of your skills and experience. Not only will it be more satisfying for you, but you'll be a much more effective and useful vol...
The October mystery in Thailand
Naga – as told by Toto This is the story as Toto told it to me.  Many, many years ago, so long ago it is longer than I can remember, said Toto, when Buddha was one of the lower species, at the bottom rung of his journey towards enlightenment, Buddha was King of the Toads. At that time the world was inhabited by all kinds of animals, humans and spirits; good spirits such as the ones that live in trees to protect them. The most selfish of all the creatures on Earth were, unsurprisingl...


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