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Camp Thailand
Innovating Education Camps

Camp Volunteering in Thailand with young Campers who learn and have fun together with Volunteers.  

Learning by Doing, Online Learning 
Our education camps are designed to foster learning through IT and searching the Internet. The camps are designed to motivate and instill confidence in campers andto  provide them with opportunities to listen to and speak English with international volunteers.
Our education camps encourage campers to use critical and independent thinking and to increase their awareness about the world. 

Theme and Team Learning
We DO NOT TEACH but promote LEARNING BY DOING IN TEAMS. Our campers learn together, by searching online, then share and discuss their findings about issues like Food and Health, Environment, Jobs, Technology and Education.
Learning to search effectively online (in English) is an important element.

Many Activities, Games and Fun
Our camps consist of activities that promote inspirational competition between camper teams;
- Debates,  campers would argue issues like; “Should junk food be banned in schools?” or “Should smartphones be used in class?”
- Campers learn to make “Vlogs”, creative videos to document what they learned during the camp.
- They are also encouraged to showcase what they have learned in a final Camp Fair”.
- Campers and volunteers spend time in the evenings to have fun, play games, prepare for the final camp day.

Our campers work until late to prepare for their debates and shoot their Vlogs demonstrating impressive motivation and confidence to show what they learned during the camps!    

Camper Wah Wah from Burma: ’The debates make me more confident. I learn English by searching, discussing, not by heart! First the volunteers teach me and then we have to search and find information and discuss with our friends before we present the information.’

Volunteers work with small groups at our camps.

Education Camps for whom
Campers  come from villages in Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. 
Volunteers with lots of energy from all over the world are welcome!
Openmind Projects staff and trainees come from Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.

Most camps are held at Openmind Projects Training Center in NongKhai, Thailand but we also arrange for “Mobile Camps” to reach out to young people unable to come to our Training Center, such as for Karen, Burmese migrants along the Thailand Burma border.

Mainly during holiday months April and October but also June/July
Most camps are 6 – 8 days long.

Camp teams
Volunteers and Openmind Projects people form teams to lead a Camp Theme and mentor a Camper team.
Camper teams consist of 5-8 campers.

Number of campers at a camp
Normally 25-35.

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Volunteer Stories

The October mystery in Thailand
Naga – as told by Toto This is the story as Toto told it to me.  Many, many years ago, so long ago it is longer than I can remember, said Toto, when Buddha was one of the lower species, at the bottom rung of his journey towards enlightenment, Buddha was King of the Toads. At that time the world was inhabited by all kinds of animals, humans and spirits; good spirits such as the ones that live in trees to protect them. The most selfish of all the creatures on Earth were, unsurprisingl...
7 ways to be a successful volunteer abroad
About Volunteering
We liked this blog by Richard Brownsdon, former Openmind Projects volunteer and winner of the Little Big Project on seven ways to be a terrible volunteer abroad. In return, here are our seven tips for being a great one! 1. Make the most of your skills You have a range of volunteer projects abroad to choose from, and it makes sense to go for one that makes the most of your skills and experience. Not only will it be more satisfying for you, but you'll be a much more effective and useful vol...
Once only! Daring the stunning mountain route to Yangon
After visiting some of our projects in West Thailand, Sven, Toto and volunteer Ram extended their trip to visit Yangon in Burma. They took the scenic (but very slow) route over the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge and through the mountains. Ram tells us a little about their trip and, since information is not easy to find, also offers some advice for anyone inspired to follow in their footsteps. The Trip The process of crossing the Friendship Bridge, which runs from Mae Sot to Myawaddy over ...
Never give up! Overcoming volunteer headaches. By Kathy from Canada
Volunteer Stories
Kathy stayed in Nong Khai for two months, teaching at Arunrangsee School. Her volunteering didn't get off to the best start when she found her pupils difficult to manage. Here she talks about how, together with the Openmind Projects staff, she was able to overcome this hurdle and make her experience positive. I arrived in Nong Khai and took part in the Volunteer Training at the OMP Training Center.  The next week I began my volunteer position at a local school, teaching English to c...


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