Volunteer Center in Thailand

Volunteer at Openmind Projects Training Center in Thailand

A Volunteer Home and our Hub in Thailand

This is where our volunteers get a chance to help impoverished young people in Southeast Asia, a chance to work with our Thai, Lao and Burmese staff and trainees who all come from the projects we support, from poor families.

You can teach at small, under resourced schools, at a temple for novices from poor and broken homes, volunteer at a center for young and unfortunate delinquents. You can teach and take care of children and you can volunteer at one of the town hospitals or countryside health centers. This is where specialist volunteers, interns come to help us with R&D too.

This is where we recommend all volunteers to come for our monthly, free training week, an invaluable start anywhere you go! The perfect place to be instantly immersed in Asian culture, make friends, a stepping-stone into Southeast Asia!  

Our Center is a place where young, senior, professional and family volunteers meet and all can find meaningful tasks! Share you time with several local projects!  

Our Training Center also serves as our office! So this is where we all work, eat, cook, learn and live together as a family.

Free Volunteer Training Week. Learn about Culture, Language, Volunteering and  Teaching. 

Watch Videos by volunteer Katy 

Learn about a Very Special Center where young people can prepare for their future with Openmind Projects and volunteers!

Volunteer free tour

Our young trainees come from Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia. Our volunteer from around the world.

Trainees come for longer or shorter periods. We are flexible! They learn English, IT and important life skills with volunteers, their friends, peers and us.

Everything is free!

Says trainee Akhom from Laos: 

"At Openmind Center we learn from each other, how to speak English, how to make presentations. We learn how to use computers and learn online. We learn a lot together!

Popular Holiday Learning Camps

We hold our Learning Camps, mainly in April at our Center and in October, we arrange our Mobile Camps in the Thai Myanmar Mountains.

Disadvantaged teenagers learn together with volunteers, Internet and our people! Camps are of course free too!

Our Center and a nice but simple Home for all

Volunteers and trainees stay at our Center, share rooms. Sometimes you may have your own. Some choose a nice budget guesthouse by the Mekong River. 

Our Center consists of two houses and more.

The first house has an office for staff and training room with computers and books for trainees and volunteers, a reception area, simple, shared bathrooms and bedrooms.

The second house consists of bedrooms with bunk beds and a bathroom. Outside a terrace and we grow our own vegetables the hydroponic and organic way in the backyard. 

You find our Thai style kitchen and dining area outside under a roof. Everybody is welcome to cook. Everybody helps wash up!

You can sit down in the 'sala' and talk more private and you find a ball court where many play volleyball in the late afternoons when it is cooling down.

Free Wi- Fi 27/7 of course.

Welcome to Openmind Projects

Explore Northeast Thailand and Laos 

Our Center is located in the genuine Indochinese town of NongKhai, in Northeast Thailand, by the legendary and mighty Mekong River, on border to Laos, less than an hour from Vientiane, the Laos capital. Just a few hours form some of our Lao and Thai field projects! This is really the heart of Indochina, where Thai, Isan, Lao, Chinese and Vietnamese cultures meet and melt! It is easy to reach NongKhai from Bangkok by train, bus or air. 

When you volunteer at our Center, or come for the free training week you see the unseen Thailand and Laos that tourists never see!

Do not miss this chance!


While you volunteer in Nongkhai do not miss this

Take a tour with our trainees around to the enigmatic Sala Kaeow Khu Temple and Sculpture Park with its giant Buddha statues! Visit the royal and beautiful Wat Pochai temple with its golden Buddha, once stolen from Laos. Visit the NongKhai Aquarium with the world’s largest fresh water fish, the giant cat fish Phra Beuk, dare to swim with it, the size of a bear! Enjoy delicious, but spicy, Thai, Lao and Vietnamese food at one of the many restaurants and street stands. Hang out with new friends, our people, and other volunteers. Many things to do, ball games, Korean BBQs by the river, coffee talks, maybe an ice tea or cool beer.  

Do not miss the exciting surroundings

Drive along the scenic Mekong River to waterfalls and mountain temples. Visit our Thai and Lao projects. Go elephant trekking in Phu Wua Mountains. Do the Phu Tok mountain walk described by National Geography as one of the scariest in the world! Take a boat trip on the Mekong or on the famous Million Water Lilies lake, only in December, January. Visit Laos, Vientiane and  the mountains! 

Explore the surroundings

Drive along the scenic Mekong River to water falls and mountain temples. Visit one of our Thai or Lao projects. Stay overnight in a treetop, watch wild elephants below you! Do the Phu Tok mountain walk described in National Geography as one of the scariest, not for the fainthearted! Take a boat trip, watch the famous Million Water Lilies in December, January. Visit Laos, Vientiane or the mountain villages!

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