Volunteer and Training Center in Asia

Openmind Projects Training Center in Thailand

A Center for our Trainees, Volunteers and Staff

This is where it all began in 2001, in the heart of Indochina, when we began to help poor farm girls and boys to a better education with the help of IT and Internet. This is still our base in Isaan, Northeast Thailand, where the rice farmers speak Isaan, a Lao dialect, and remain poor.

This is where our young trainees from poor families in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar come to improve their skills.

This is where young campers from villages come to open their eyes and minds to a wider world in our popular and intense Learning Camps.

And this is where new volunteers come to learn about volunteering.

This is where volunteers are welcome to stay on and help our staff, trainees and local people.

And this is where the small but dedicated Openmind team works.

This is where we together with our volunteers work to improve our help to people and to reach out to international volunteers and supporters. A small organisation, but a lot of good work and good people! Our Center is a place for all! Young and senior, working, singles and families who can find meaningful volunteer work with our staff and other local people. You are welcome too!


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Openmind Projects training center model

Free Volunteer Training Week. Learn about Culture, Language, Volunteering and  Teaching. 

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Learn about a Special Center where young people prepare for their future with Openmind Projects and volunteers!


Our Trainees and Campers come from Asia, our volunteers from Overseas

They come from villages. Trainees stay for longer periods. Campers come for week long camps. They all learn English, IT and important life skills with volunteers and peers. Everything is free!

Trainee Akhom from Laos:  "At Openmind Center we learn from each other, how to speak English, make presentations. We learn how to use computers and to learn online. We learn a lot together!

We arrange popular Learning Camps at our Center, in October also Mobile Camps in the Thai Myanmar Mountains, Creating Young Learners!

Our Center is a nice but simple Home for our trainees, some staff and volunteers. They share rooms. Some volunteers choose a nice guesthouse or rent a room in town. 

Two houses, a garden and a ball court, in the first you find an office for staff and a training room for trainees and volunteers, simple bathrooms and some bedrooms. The second house consists of  bedrooms with bunk beds and a bathroom. Outside you find small terraces, a ball court and a garden. We grow our own vegetables the hydroponic and organic way. Our Thai style kitchen and dining area are outside under under a roof. Everybody helps cooking, and cleaning! Free WiFi 27/7.

What Openmind Projects Volunteers Do 

Help our trainees

You can work with with our staff and train our trainees. We are a practical learning by doing organization. What you do depends on your skills and interest too. There is always a focus on  English and IT training. The training is  based on task based learning d trainees share what they learn with fellow trainees and friends online too. They learn to learn to make presentations, videos and training others.

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Teach at a school, temple or juvenile detention center

Our volunteers have  a chance to experience school life ,to teach kids at a small school in town or a nearby village, at a temple or a juvenile detention  center. You can take care of children at a nursery. 

Volunteer at the hospital or the municipality

Maybe you help  the tourist police or the environmental department of the municipality. 

Are you bringing some special skills?  

IT, teaching, social media, web design, fundraising skills are welcome! So tell us about yourself!

Free Volunteer Training Week

All new volunteers are welcome to our free training, an invaluable week, a kick start and stepping-stone into Southeast Asia!  

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While you are here. Explore Northeast Thailand and Laos 



The Heart of Indochina where Thai, Laos, Chinese and Vietnamese Cultures Meet.

Explore unseen Thailand and Laos together with  our staff, trainees and campers! Visit their villages! Our Center is located in the border town NongKhai by the famous Mekong River, ideally situated for excursions to many of our Laos and Thai projects.

Take a tour around town with our trainees. Visit the Sala Kaeow Khu Temple with the giant Buddha statues and the royal Wat Pochai temple with its stolen, golden Buddha. Visit the NongKhai Aquarium with the world’s largest fresh water fish. Enjoy spicy, Thai, Laos, Chinese and Vietnamese food by the river while watching the sunset over Laos!

Many things to do, ball games, go swimming, jogging, biking by the river. Don’t miss the Saturday Market by the river walk. Try strawberries and crickets!  

Drive along the Mekong to scenic waterfalls and mountain temples. Visit our Thai or Laos projects. Go elephant trekking in Phu Wua Mountains! Do the Phu Tok mountain walk, according to National Geography one of the scariest in the world! Take a boat trip on the Mekong or on the famous Million Water Lilies Lake.

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