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Internships in Thailand

An internship abroad means adding practical and international experience to your studies. 

• As an NGO focused on development, we offer very interesting intern  tasks. We support many projects in Southeast Asia, schools, national parks and more and they benefit from our interns’ work.  

• You work with people in another country and different culture, a very valuable experience today! 

As an intern with Openmind Projects you ‘learn by doing’. What you have learned in theory you put into practical use. This is our philosophy to help young students too. 

Many successful interns have worked with us over the years. They focused on IT, internet, social media, and ecotourism, teaching English as a foreign language, online learning or fund raising.

Internship periods are flexible. Interns should stay for at least a month. Some continue to help us after they returned home!

How we help 

Once you apply we will discuss together what you will do based on your focus and our needs. We design your internship together. We work with you and your institution.

Once we agreed and you confirmed we send you our Pre departure handbooks about country culture, travel, language and work. 

All interns start by attending our free Volunteer & Cross Cultural Training week during which we discuss your detailed work.

We provide in-country supervision and support during your internship. 

You get and we want regular feedback, including assessments to your school or university as required.

We provide accommodation, meals and in country support.  If you like your own space, more comfort, we will help you to find a nice, friendly guesthouse nearby!


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What we require from our student intern

You need to be fluent in English and have the relevant education for your internship, no criminal background.

Then just welcome with an open mind, to learn about and respect different ideas, habits and cultures!

Join Openmind Projects student internship program is a great learning experience and way to earn university credits for a young student or more experienced professional!

Costs for internship program

We ask for a donation. This includes accommodation, meals, training and support.

The amount of this donation is considerably lower than the fee international volunteer agencies charge. Your application process with us is free, no registration fee!

Sometimes we ask for a reduced donation depending on intern qualifications. We may offer special conditions for qualified grant writers, social media experts, and web designers.

See standard Costs on our website.  You don’t pay anything until you confirm to come

With Openmind Projects your donation goes towards supporting our projects – not to administration costs overseas.  

Internship tasks

Internship students at Openmind Projects training center

What’s next? Apply for free

Tell us what you are looking for we do our best to help you help local people.

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Need help?

or call / WhatsApp with us now at +66 885 640734

Our internships are suitable for students and professionals interested in education, language and online learning, IT, sustainable ecotourism and poverty reduction. 

Students with an interest in international relations, working in an international organization, with an overseas NGO gain very interesting and valuable experience with Openmind Projects at our Training Center in Thailand.

Combine your internship with some experience from a field project, such as a school, our Learning Camps or an ecotourism/community project. 

Staying at our Training Center is perfect for an intern who like to spend some time with and help our trainees.

Specially qualified interns may do an internship at a marine, conservation or health care project. 

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