Covid-19! Nearly 40K Thai children disappeared from the education system. Help them come back!

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IT, Ed Tech Volunteer in Asia

Poverty Reduction with Education Technology in Thailand and Laos

IT and Education Volunteer.  EdTech Volunteer Opportunities in Asia

Fight poverty with education technology as our IT, edtech volunteer!

Poor village children go to poor schools and remain poor.
Poor villagers are unable to take advantage of online marketing opportunities. They are unable to access digital government information and benefits.
IT and Internet can help make up for poor schools but children and their parents must learn how! Help them as our Ed Tech volunteer!

Do you want to pass on your knowledge to village girls, boys, their parents, to help them learn to use IT, learn online, to help them leave poverty, train them to help friends and parents?

Our volunteers help girls and boys to use computers and internet our 'Learning by Doing Way'. With more resources, we can reach out to more people. We need volunteers and funds. We are planning to educate villagers, so they will not be left behind but be part of the digital community. 

Are you IT clever? We welcome web developers, designers, volunteers with IT, Internet, Social Media skills.


Teaching IT, Online Learning with Openmind Projects in Asia 

Do you want to volunteer to inspire and help girls and boys to use smartphones as learning tools? Do you want to help poor villagers into the digital world

Multi Learning by Doing.

English, IT, about the world, share and reflect in one activity!

Learning to search and learn online is sometimes the only, way to learn for isolated kids. Give them interesting, important topics to learn about, document, present, share (online) and discuss. IT volunteers teach IT to schoolchildren, trainees at our Training Center in Thailand and at our Camps.
We plan and fund raise to be able to launch a project training adult villagers.They are left behind and  need to learn how to connect with authorities and learn to sell their local products online!

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