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Teaching IT Opportunities in Thailand and Southeast Asia

IT Volunteer Abroad?
It is easy with Openmind Projects

You help poor children in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal to learn the way you learned!

Online searching and learning can be the poor child’s best help to better education!

Bring the world to isolated and underprivileged youth with the help of IT and internet!  

Make students interested to learn by exploring the Internet! Online learning promotes team work, decision making, independent learning and critical thinking. 

Openmind Projects pioneered IT learning in Northeast Thailand in 2001,, to find ways to use IT to promote better education for poor farmer children.

In 2008, Openmind Projects was recognized as a finalist to the Stockholm Challenge ICT for Development in 2008. 

IT Volunteer work in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal

Make students like to explore, to search and to learn online

Encourage them to use the internet as a learning tool in their free time and the classroom too! 

You can give them tasks such as searching and learning about another country, about good and bad health, good and bad food, the environment, the threats and to share with their friends and discuss. 

volunteer teaching IT
As an IT volunteer abroad make it fun to learn by searching online and sharing. Asian students like to learn together.

You can also teach basic computer skills, Office and other programs and software, applications as well as hardware and maintenance to children who are new to computers.

You can teach IT at schools, at our Learning Camps, and at our own Training Center in Thailand.  

You don't have to be an IT professional. We discuss what your special skills are and can then agree what you will do and where.

Your IT volunteer day. Volunteers at schools do 3-4 lessons per day and spend extra time to prepare lessons. Quite often the IT lesson is also an English lesson.

IT volunteers at our Center work flexible hours according to tasks and work agreed, mostly they teach our trainees.

Internships in Thailand. Interns and qualified IT Volunteers help us with R&D, from computer and online learning tutorials, to web design, social media, database work, video and more.  Interns with special IT skills are welcome to stay longer periods!



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