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IT Volunteers bringing learning to the left behind in Asia

IT Volunteers for 21st Century Learning

Help poor village students and migrants to use IT to learn!  

Openmind Projects pioneered IT learning in Thailand already in 2001! Today, with the help of volunteers the training ranges from basics to making videos and a focus on learning to use the Internet for learning.

Volunteers help village, migrant and refugee children at our Training Center, our special Learning Camps and in Villages. 

IT savvy volunteers are welcome to our Center. Improve our website, visibility, databases, videos, and social media. We discuss tasks together!

Projects from 95 USD per week and a Free Extra Training Week. 

Online Learning and Project Based Learning.

Our trainees and campers get tasks to learn about a certain topic online: technology and its effect on jobs, technology and education, climate change, health and food. They search online to learn about the topic, causes and effects and to make presentations to share with other trainees, and campers. The presentations are followed by debates to enhance critical thinking.

In 2008, Openmind Projects was invited to Sweden as a finalist in the Stockholm Challenge ICT for Development.

Help us! Bring tech and online learning to isolated youth! Help them explore the Internet to find out how they can improve their English and other skills for a better future!

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Teaching IT, Online Learning as a Tech Volunteer

volunteer teaching IT

Inspire young villagers and migrants to use their smartphones for Online Learning.

Online searching and learning is one of the best and cheapest ways to learn in isolated areas. Encourage kids to use their phones for learning and not only chatting! Give them interesting topics to learn about, share and discuss.

Tech volunteers also teach basic skills to new beginners at schools, Openmind Projects Camps and our Training Center in Thailand.

IT volunteer teaching young local stodents

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