Learning Methodology

21st century learning for 21st century skills!

Help us create learners, to close education gaps, create equal learning opportunities in Asia. Volunteer at our 21st Century Community Training Center in Thailand.

Volunteer at our Learning Camps, unique opportunities for 21st Century Volunteers!

Help us introduce lifelong learning in Asia. Digital, online learning is part of the future and an important opportunity for the left behind!

Why create learners?

We believe learning is sustainable if the learner her/himself owns it!

Equal opportunities for all, girls and the poor

OMP is strongly committed to and works to reduce barriers to education.

Closing gaps

OMP works to help close education gaps by promoting and introducing new opportunities via 23st century learning ideas and IT!


Boys and girls in rural areas face too many and unfair barriers to learn:  isolation, poor education, poor schools, traditional teaching, gender and ethnicity prejudice, poverty, families who depend on their children to work for an income, displaced from their villages! 

It is obvious

Ensuring that girls and boys can go on to learn is good for them and their families, their society and democracy, their environment!  

Therefore Our Vision is

A world of equal learning opportunities made possible by new attitudes to learning and technology!

And our Contribution

Young learners, meet at our Center in Thailand, at our Camps. All, campers, trainees, ex campers , ex trainees, volunteers, ex volunteers and other supporters meet, help, inspire, share ideas with each other on Internet. They meet at our Virtual Training and Learning Center, an online Knowledge and Ideas Exchange Platform to share, discuss learning, ideas, opportunities, and a place of stimulating peer-to-peer exchange!

These are our guiding ideas and we are happy to have yours! And happy to see you with us! At our Center we are constantly working to find ways to help the left behind to better learning opportunities!

Send us an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Maybe you want to contribute an article about learning, helping the poor, send it to us!

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