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Affordable Volunteering in Asia

Best Low Cost Volunteer Opportunities with an NGO

Cheap Volunteering in Southeast Asia, from $95 per week

Early Bird Offer $65. Family and Group Discounts. Long Term Internship Discounts.
Free Training Week before start.

Northeast Thailand

First week

$195 Village school

$125 at Training Center (OTC)

Additional week(s)

$95  / week

North Thailand. Migrants 

First week


Additional week(s)

$95 / week

South Thailand. Krabi, Koh Lanta, Phuket

Guesthouse or host family

First week


Additional week(s)

$195 / week, guesthouse

$95 /week, host family

Marine Projects 

Admin fee

$300, No weekly fee


First week


Additional week(s)

$95  / week


Tonal Dek Village

$100 / week paid to the local project host


Chitwan Community

$55 / week, paid to the local project host

Elephant Project

$120 / week, paid to the local project host

Administration fee $295 applies to all projects. Extra placement fee $95.

Early Bird Offer $65 if you pay within 10 days from receipt of booking document.
We need full payment at least one month before arrival to keep your reservation.
Deposit to secure a project $295.


your donation may be eligible for  tax deduction in your country. Ask us to provide proof of your donation.


Affordable Volunteering and Support

  • Free Week. Volunteer & Cross Cultural Training with free accommodation at our Training Center in Thailand. 

  • Free Meals. Lunch and dinne provided at most placements.

  • Free Application and Pre-Departure Support, including online volunteer handbooks with travel, volunteer, teaching, language and cross-cultural advice.

  • Visa Invitation Letter for Thailand if required.

    Letter of reference on request.

    Volunteer Certificates.

  • Free Accommodation. Host family, room in a community, school, national aprk, shared room at Openmind Projects Training Center in Nong Khai! Guesthouse for some projects.

  • Travel Advice and pick up help.

  • 24/7 in-country emergency support.

    Administration of your project.

  • A small Openmind Projects gift.

Volunteer Donations go to Local Projects and Volunteer Support only

  • Volunteer Support

    Application advice, information to volunteers before booking a project and before arrival. Administration of placements at local projects. Online handbooks before arrival, Free training and introduction week at our Center. In country emergency support. Local project support at some projects.

  • Trainees

    Young trainees from projects we support stay on a rotating basis and longer or shorter periods at our Thailand Center in Thailand. Everything is free, training, accommodation, meals internet access and participation in camps.

  • Operating and Overhead Costs

    Costs for local staff, salaries and welfare tax, admin and accounting, website and telecom, travel and project visits, food and water for people staying, working, volunteering at our Center. 

  • Support to Local Projects

    Recruiting volunteers and reimbursements for costs for hosting volunteers, inviting local youth to camps, education material including IT equipment, project promotion.

  • Free Volunteer Week

    Free volunteer training week if coming for the monthly training, offered to all volunteers at our Training Center. 

  • Camps

    We arrange Learning Camps for young people from Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia at our Center in Thailand. We also arrange for camps elsewhere for students who are unable to attend our camps at our Center.


  • Our Training Center

    Rent, maintenance, electricity and water, repairs and improvements.

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