Our Mission. Learning to Leave Poverty

Learning for life, nature and future!

Our Vision

A future in which disadvantaged people in SE Asia learn how to leave poverty and realize their dreams.

Poor children get poor education so remain poor when they grow up. Learning costs less than teaching! We help children to learn to learn and use information technology to leave poverty behind as adults. 

We do this through our Training Center, a learning hub for young villagers and their parents, reaching out to villages via camps and  workshops and with volunteers.

Our Mission

Reducing poverty by creating learners who learn how to use their knowledge for a better life. 

Openmind Projects Foundation, fighting poverty and inequalities. Our weapons are education, IT and volunteer supporters.

In 2001 we were IT pioneers in Northeast Thailand, dedicated to reduce poverty. We still are in Southeast Asia. We do it through our three pillars: our Center, our camps, field projects and in our campaigns: She is More, Dare to Dream, and Create Learners. See https://openmindprojects.org/action/

Our Learning Credo

Become the architect of your own future! Make sure to learn what is useful to you and use of what you learned as soon as you can!

Read how we Bring 21st Century Learning to the poor.

Our Values

  • We believe in equal opportunities and in equal treatment for all.
  • Quality education is a human right as is access to modern technology and the chance to become lifelong learners.
  • We are dedicated to contribute to the personal development of our trainees, staff, campers and volunteers!
  • We believe in 21st century learning to help people to acquire 21st century skills for success in life.
  • We believe in responsible and active citizens, which requires well independent thinkers.
  • We believe in diversity and cross-cultural understanding.

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