Covid-19! Nearly 40K Thai children disappeared from the education system. Help them come back!

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A Mission to Fight Poverty and Inequalities

Our Weapons are Education, IT, Our Learners, Supporters and Volunteers

Our Vision. A Dream

Dream of a future where poor Southeast Asians have equal opportunities without regard to gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation.

Poor children get poor education so they remain poor. If girls, boys learn to learn, using IT and English together and with volunteers, they have a chance to overcome poverty.

Our Mission. A Fight

On a mission to fight poverty by creating learners who understand to use their skills for a better life.

Openmind Projects is fighting poverty and inequalities. Our weapons are education, IT and our supporters and volunteers.

Empower people by creating learners. In 2001, we were IT learning pioneers in Thailand. Today with our three pillars, our Training Center, our Learning Camps, and Field Projects, we share our mission with supporters and volunteers.

The Mission of Our Learners

Be the architect of your own future! Go on a mission to learn what is useful for life and use it!

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Our Values and Beliefs

Are they yours too?

We believe in equal opportunities to education and access to IT and internet.

We believe in diversity and cross-cultural understanding.

We believe in fighting poverty.

Advice by the Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics for Fighting Poverty, Esther Duflo: 'To learn about poverty in the developing world. Go out to volunteer with an NGO'.

                We agree with her!  

      Go Volunteering. Find your NGO

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