Retirement Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering abroad for older people and retirees

Senior and Retired Volunteer Opportunities in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia - volunteer and experience a new culture!

Openmind Projects offer unique opportunities to volunteer abroad for older people, seniors and retirees who are wanting to give back and have time to volunteer their skills abroad. Share your wealth of experience with staff and trainees at our Openmind Projects Training Centre or on a local project. Not only will you have a great time abroad, you will share your valuable life knowledge and experience a new culture at the same time!

If you are eager to do something different and want to work with a variety of people from different backgrounds and age groups, Openmind Projects is for you! Volunteers from all walks of life have supported our projects since 2002 and worked to bridge cultural and age divides. You can make a difference too!

Concerned about accommodation? We will find you suitable comfortable accommodation that meets your needs! If you prefer your own space, we can help you find a nearby guesthouse (unless you are volunteering on a project in a village, as there is accommodation with local host families only).

Request more information about projects that may interest you and what you can do. It’s free, there are no application or registration fees and no obligation when you enquire. We guarantee to place you with a project that best suits your experience so please provide some information about your background.

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Retired Volunteers Work

Volunteering Work Overseas for Seniors and Retirees

What Senior and Retired Volunteers Can Do and Where? Volunteering overseas for retirees, seniors and older adults at our Openmind Projects Training Center in Nong Khai is a perfect start to your volunteering experience! Help our young trainees to learn English, IT and other useful skills or volunteer at nearby schools and temple. If you are more adventurous, immerse yourself in the local cultures in Laos, Cambodia or Nepal.

You can be placed in a village in Laos or an island in the Andaman Sea. We also have volunteering opportunities at our Center, teaching in a school or with an ecotourism project. Or maybe you would like to join our popular Learning Camps in April and November each year. You could be located in villages, on islands, in the mountains or in towns to support ecotourism, community development in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos or Nepal!

As a volunteer at Openmind Projects, we will work with you on what project and destination suit you best!

This is your chance as a retired volunteer, to go abroad and volunteer your skills in South East Asia! By supporting Openmind Projects, you will help disadvantaged communities and make new friends - young and old!

Expert Interview with Sven Mauleon

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How we can help?

  • We warmly welcome retired volunteers and can answer any questions or concerns you may have. We will discuss your experience and interests to find the right project to suit you.
  • Once confirmed, we will send you our extensive pre-departure volunteer information, help with travel arrangements to our Center and anything else you may need.
  • You can attend our Volunteer and Cross Cultural Training week before you start your placement to prepare you for a great volunteering experience!
  • We stay in contact with you during the placement and help you with whatever you need. We even stay in touch when you have finished the placement and hope to see you again!

What is expected from you as a volunteer?

We only want you to be reasonably fluent in English, have no criminal background and to come with an open mind.

What are the costs?

As a local NGO, we offer significantly lower costs than bigger international volunteer agencies. You don’t pay anything until you decide to come. Once confirmed, we quote you the exact cost for your volunteer project according to the project duration.

Your donation goes towards supporting our local projects and not to overseas administration.

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