Retirement Volunteering Abroad

Retirement Volunteering programs in Thailand, Laos Cambodia and Nepal

A Retired Volunteer and Senior Program Abroad 

Retired volunteers increasingly go abroad! Senior volunteers today are younger than yesteryear! We offer many volunteer opportunities in Southeast Asia 

With age comes experience, patience and time!  Volunteering abroad is a great excuse to travel! Offer yourself a rewarding and meaningful volunteer opportunity. 

Openmind Projects welcomes retired volunteers! We have opportunities for senior volunteers in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal. Volunteers from all walks of life have helped us since 2002. Many were great and popular senior volunteers. 

Some of the projects suit the retired volunteer, some less. It depends on how willing you are to rough it, to live simple village life with local friends. Some projects suit senior volunteers who prefer more comfort like staying at a guesthouse instead.

Volunteering at Openmind Projects Training Center is perfect for retired volunteers who want to help our young trainees, who learn English, IT, other useful skills. They can also teach at a nearby school or temple. 

Our retired volunteering program is flexible, from 2 weeks and longer. All are welcome to a free, week long, training program before start!

Retired volunteers surprise us! One of our seniors climbed a tall tree and spent the night in a treetop watching wild elephants together with younger volunteers. His friends would not believe him! You can also do it too, in one of our projects.

 How we help 

You apply and we reply. We discuss together to find the right project for you during your application process which is free! Free advice, you pay no registration fee. 

Once we agree on your project we send you extensive pre departure information, and can help you with travel, arrival, airport pick up. 

You are welcome to attend our free Volunteer & Cross Cultural Training before you start. It will prepare you for great volunteering. 

And then we like to stay in touch during your volunteering, listen to your experiences and of course help you if needed.

Senior & Retired at Openmind Projects mountain camps

What is expected from you the senior volunteer? We only want you to be reasonably fluent in English, have no criminal background and to come with an open mind.


As a local NGO, we offer lower costs than big volunteer agencies. You don’t pay anything until you decide to come! We will then quote you the exact cost for your volunteer project and period. See also Costs on our website.

Your donation goes towards supporting our local projects, not to overseas administration.

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Retired Volunteers Work

Senior & Retired teaching English in a primary school

What’s next? Apply for free

Tell us who you are, what you are looking for, ask us plenty of questions and together, we will work out the best placement for you. We do our best to help you and your project.

Can’t decide on a single destination? Let us discuss several options!

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What Senior Volunteers can do and where 

How about a village in Laos or  Muslim island in the Andaman Sea? Or do you prefer the company of other volunteers, at our Center in Thailand, teaching at schools, ecotourism projects? Maybe  care work or joining our popular camps id for you?

You can teach English, IT and internet, online searching, making presentations in English.

You can volunteer in villages, on islands, in the mountains and in towns. You can support ecotourism, community development in Laos and Nepal.

Tell us your skills and we suggest a placement for you.  

Volunteering at Openmind Projects Training Center is perfect for the senior volunteer who likes to spend time with and help our trainees. They learn English, IT, other useful skills and many volunteers also teach at nearby schools or temples. 

If you like your own space, more comfort, we will help you to find a nice, friendly guesthouse in a town (but not in a village, only host family)!  





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