Retirement Volunteering in Asia

2018, the Year Retired Volunteers come to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal

Senior Volunteers. Act now, don't wait! Go Asia volunteering  

Share your life's experience as a volunteer! Teach, join Learning Camps, support Communities in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia or Nepal. 

Never too late! Don't wait! 

Start at our Training Center, perfect for senior volunteers!

Start with a Free  Volunteer Week

Get inspired, work with old and young from different cultures! Openmind Projects is for the retired, students, workers and families alike!

Volunteers come from all walks of life, from baby boomers to millennials. They all volunteer to bridge divides together.

senior retired volunteer teaching

Retired Volunteer Work

A perfect start to your volunteer work is at our Training Center in Nong Khai,! Help our young Thai, Lao, Burmese trainees and teach at nearby schools and temples.  

Start with a Free Week!

Join our popular Camps. Read more.

Read Retired Hakan from Sweden teaching math, an innovative approach! 

Our retired volunteers also volunteer in villages, towns, in Laos, Thailand, Cambodia or Nepal. Are you an adventurer? Do you want to volunteer in a community, an eco project, on an island, in the mountains, the jungles?  As a retired volunteer, you have many options to go abroad, to volunteer your skills in South East Asia with us! 

Help us to help disadvantaged communities and people. Gain many rewarding experiences, great memories and new friends for life!

We will help you find the right project for you when you apply (free application process).

Expert Interview with Sven Mauleon

Sven MauleonRetirement needn’t mean the end – it can also mean the beginning of something new... Read on

Senior & Retired at Openmind Projects mountain camps

Retired Volunteers, go abroad but first think about

Now that you are a retired baby boomer, what can you offer as a volunteer? What do you want to do? What local support do you want? How much can you spend? What do you want from your volunteering, new friends, experiences, adventures, meaningful work? 

Match your answers to find the best volunteer option, the right organization for you.  We are here and happy to help you!

An international agency offers lots of extra services.

However, at a cost!

A local nonprofit, NGO, can offer important local services like a culture, language and volunteer training, local support by helpful and thankful local people and local expertise finding the right project for you and in a free application process.  

No 3 star accommodation but less expensive!

Do you need a lot of structure, support and services? If, so, a more expensive volunteer agency might be your choice. Are you more confident but do want local support all the way then Openmind Projects is a great choice! 

Read also Retired Volunteer Jim's Advice to volunteers, seniors and younger.

Believe us! There is great volunteer work abroad waiting you in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal!  

If with Openmind Projects, you are welcome! If not, just make sure you volunteer when you retire. You will never regret it!

Senior & Retired volunteering with gap year students

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