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Ecotourism, Conservation Volunteer Overseas

Think of your nature. Save our future. Volunteer for Wildlife Conservation and Ecotourism in Thailand, Laos and Nepal


volunteer conservation work at Thailand national park

Conservation and ecotourism volunteers in Thailand, Laos, Nepal

Wildlife is endangered and the environment exploited. Tour companies bring tourists to local sites but keep the income. As a volunteer, you can help local communities gain from sustainable ecotourism and wildlife protection.

Why ecotourism, conservation volunteer with Openmind Projects?

Openmind Projects has strong links with ecotourism and conservation projects in Southeast Asia since over 10 years. Our projects are community based, so you support local wildlife conservation and ecotourism that benefits local people. In 2013, Openmind Projects won the Ecotourism and Volunteer Campaign, the Little Big Project.

How Openmind Projects helps you

We match your profile with the needs of the projects.

During your 3 day Volunteer & Cross Cultural Training you get language, volunteer and culture training.

Unique Volunteer Offer

Come on Monday stay the whole Volunteer Training week for free!

Volunteer work

Conservation volunteer teaching English to local guides.

What conservation, ecotourism volunteers do?

Volunteer in marine, island, mountain and jungle projects, based in villages, national parks, on the coast, organic farms, wildlife sanctuaries and community forests. Volunteers help with conservation, education and ecotourism. Volunteers with special skills such as GIS, wildlife surveying, zoology, marine biology and diving are wanted.

Conservation and ecotourism volunteer tasks

Depending on your skills your tasks may be:

  • Teaching English to local guides and national park staff
  • Designing ecotourism promotion materials, including website design
  • Scuba diving to save coral reefs and marine life.
  • Helping develop local handicraft and village products for sale to tourists
  • Building trails and trekking while training local guides in using English
  • Improving local resources such as accommodation, transportation, trekking and other guide and host family services
  • Translating national park information
  • Raising awareness of wildlife conservation and ecotourism benefits
  • Working with wildlife, such as with elephants and their mahouts
  • Participating in wildlife surveys

Apply and we'll suggest the best conservation project for you in Thailand, Laos or Nepal.


  • Chitwan Elephant Project

    Chitwan Elephant Project


    Incredible opportunity to work with elephants in Nepal!
    Learn more
  • Volunteer at the Chitwan Community Development Project

    Community Development Project in Chitwan


    Fantastic opportunity to help develop ecotourism in a spectacular setting!
    Learn more
  • Koh Lanta

    Koh Lanta Island Project

    South Thailand

    Fantastic opportunity on one of the most beautiful islands in South Thailand!
    Learn more
  • Mai Khao Beach Eco- and Agrotourism Project

    Mai Khao Beach Eco- and Agrotourism Project

    South Thailand

    Beautiful beaches, mangrove forests, rice fields, and mountains around this agro- and eco-tourism project!
    Learn more
  • Phang Nga Eco Project

    Phang Nga Eco Project

    South Thailand

    Incredible opportunity for volunteers interested in promoting ecotourism and protecting marine life in Phang Nga bay!
    Learn more
  • Phu Khao Khouai

    Phu Khao Khouai


    Simple village life; beautiful mountains; pioneering ecotourism site.
    Learn more
  • Phu Wua

    Phu Wua Village & School Project

    Northeast Thailand

    Great opportunity for nature lovers who want to live in a village teaching English in a small village near the Mekong River!
    Learn more
  • Thai Marine National Park & Research Center

    Thai Marine National Park & Research Center

    South Thailand

    A marine biologist's or diver's dream project!
    Learn more
  • Tree Top Explorer

    Tree Top Explorer


    Support responsible community based tourism teaching English to local guides and experience the thrills of the jungle
    Learn more

Volunteer Stories

Solution site logo HORIZON INTERNATIONAL SOLUTIONS SITE, Yale Univeristy
"OpenmindProjects of Southeast Asia: 'Learning for Life, Nature and Future'"


The Phu Wua Mountains, the wild elephants and Openmind Projects
Eco tourism & Environment
Back in the early days of Openmind Projects (OMP) in 2003, we were approached by an ambitious young teacher in a remote village in Isan, the poor Northeast Thailand. She wanted overseas volunteers to help her teach English to poor rice farmer children.We visited her and discussed how to help and where volunteers could stay. ‘At local home stays,’ she said, and we looked around finding many blue ho...
Some Volunteer Advice over the years
About Volunteering
Hi all Thanks for interesting and great input! I'll contribute some comments I got over the time by some of our great volunteers. Hope you find them interesting and let’s go on, discuss what makes for the best volunteers, for your hosts and for yourselves! Quotes: ‘The first thing you will notice when arriving is the vast sea of shoes at the entrance, this is because in Thailand you MUST alwa...
An inspiring 'family' in Nepal: Helpless Upliftment Centre, Kathmandu
Volunteer Stories
  I had the privilege to stay for a number of weeks with a lovely group of kids who live at the HUC orphanage under the care of an inspiring young man, Bhakta and his wife, Bimala.  More of a large family than an orphanage, HUC was founded about 10 years ago to provide a home for these 10 children orphaned by the Maoist conflicts in western Nepal. Bhakta and Bimala are like parents t...
I learned more than I hoped for! By marine volunteer Laura from Australia
Volunteer Stories
Laura volunteered at the Marine Research Center in Phuket for a month. She came to Thailand to gain experience of marine conservation work before returning to study, and found she learned more than she had hoped for! So much happened in my four weeks in Phuket, that I honestly don't know where to begin! I spent most of my time working for SAMPAN (Strengthening Andaman Marine Protecte...


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