Ecotourism and Conservation Volunteer Overseas in Southeast Asia

Volunteer in Thailand, Laos and Nepal. Save nature, and support local people and their communities


volunteer conservation work at Thailand national park

Conservation and ecotourism volunteers are welcome to Thailand, Laos and Nepal

Wildlife is endangered and the environment exploited. Tour operators bring tourists to attractive places but keep most of the income and leave pocket money to the locals. As a volunteer, you will help local people gain more from community based ecotourism and wildlife protection.

Why volunteer with Openmind Projects

Our projects are community based. They have asked for our help so you can support conservation and ecotourism that benefits these local people!

In 2013, Openmind Projects won the Ecotourism and Volunteer Campaign, the Little Big Project.


Read about some Projects you may go to

Conservation volunteer teaching English to local guides.

Volunteers tasks

Depending on skills, volunteers  may:

  • Teach English to villagers and national park staff
  • Create  ecotourism information in English
  • Help save coral reefs and marine life.
  • Help develop local handicraft and village products for tourists
  • Build trails 
  • Help improve local services such as accommodation, transport, trekking and guide and host family services
  • Raise local awareness about  wildlife  benefits
  • Work with elephants and their mahouts
  • Participate in wildlife surveys

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and we'll be happy to discuss projects with you


  • Chitwan Elephant Project

    Chitwan Elephant Project


    Incredible opportunity to work with elephants in Nepal!
    Learn more
  • Volunteer at the Chitwan Community Development Project

    Community Development Project in Chitwan


    Fantastic opportunity to help develop ecotourism in a spectacular setting!
    Learn more
  • Koh Lanta

    Koh Lanta Island Project

    South Thailand

    Fantastic opportunity on one of the most beautiful islands in South Thailand!
    Learn more
  • Mai Khao Beach Eco- and Agrotourism Project

    Mai Khao Beach Eco- and Agrotourism Project

    South Thailand

    Beautiful beaches, mangrove forests, rice fields, and mountains around this agro- and eco-tourism project!
    Learn more
  • Phang Nga Eco Project

    Phang Nga Eco Project

    South Thailand

    Incredible opportunity for volunteers interested in promoting ecotourism and protecting marine life in Phang Nga bay!
    Learn more
  • Phu Khao Khouai

    Phu Khao Khouai


    Simple village life; beautiful mountains; pioneering ecotourism site.
    Learn more
  • Phu Wua

    Phu Wua Village & School Project

    Northeast Thailand

    Great opportunity for nature lovers who want to live in a village teaching English in a small village near the Mekong River!
    Learn more
  • Thai Marine National Park & Research Center

    Thai Marine National Park & Research Center

    South Thailand

    A marine biologist's or diver's dream project!
    Learn more
  • Tree Top Explorer

    Tree Top Explorer


    Support responsible community based tourism teaching English to local guides and experience the thrills of the jungle
    Learn more

Volunteer Stories

Solution site logo HORIZON INTERNATIONAL SOLUTIONS SITE, Yale Univeristy
"OpenmindProjects of Southeast Asia: 'Learning for Life, Nature and Future'"


Trainee Tales: Joiy to the world
Volunteer Stories
Peter came to us from Australia in 2014, and spent five weeks volunteering at our Openmind Training Center. He helped our trainees learn English and motivated them to continue their learning. Whilst here, he wrote several pieces about our organisation, life at the center and the trainees' backgrounds. To read more of his work go to      Meet Joiy...
Once only! Daring the stunning mountain route to Yangon
After visiting some of our projects in West Thailand, Sven, Toto and volunteer Ram extended their trip to visit Yangon in Burma. They took the scenic (but very slow) route over the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge and through the mountains. Ram tells us a little about their trip and, since information is not easy to find, also offers some advice for anyone inspired to follow in their footsteps....
We got so much love to give
About Volunteering
Last year Openmind Projects was one of five organisations to be approached by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to be part of the “Little Big Project” Earlier in the year, Openmind Projects was again approached by the  TAT to be part of the “Honeyteering” The TAT has launched yet another unique social media campaign; this time to entice newly-wed couples to win an exclusive si...
Quick teach English advice for volunteers in Thailand and Laos
Education & Learning
  Quick teach English advice Some intriguing differences between Thai/Lao and Western languages! How could you teach English if you don’t understand the Thais/Laos? Final consonants, what’s that? Thai/Lao people hardly pronounce the final consonant in a word, if at all. They think it should be the same in English! So hire and high are both hi. Light becomes a lie! And mouse and...


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