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Tell us about your education, work experience, computer skills, special hobbies and interests and we will suggest and tell you more about some projects that match your profile.

Volunteer Application process

How to apply

  1. Apply using our online Volunteer application form. You can apply through our online application by clicking "Apply Now" at the top of the page. In the application, tell us more about yourself and the type of project and tasks you're interested in.


  2. You'll receive a reply from us suggesting one or more projects for you to consider and we'll ask you for your resume highlighting your education and work experience as well as special skills and interests.


  3. Confirm to us or ask for other project options.


  4. After you confirm we'll email further instructions and information on how to volunteer along with a separate invoice with pay instructions.


  5. To secure your project, you pay a 25% deposit (or the full fee).


  6. We'll send you our Online Pre-Departure Handbooks, which contain information about volunteering, work, travel, visas, Southeast Asian culture and language. You will also receive information about our three-day Volunteer & Cross Cultural Training Program as well as contact information so that you can reach us when you arrive.


  7. Pay the balance of the fee, if any. Any remaining volunteer fees (after the initial deposit) must be paid at least one month before you arrive.


  8. Confirm your travel plans. At least two weeks before arriving, you,ll send us your final travel plans and your planned arrival date. If you are attending our three-day Volunteer & Cross Cultural Training in Nong Khai, Thailand, you're welcome (and recommended) to arrive one day prior to the start. After receiving your travel plans, we'll send a confirmation e-mail along with a second copy of our contact information (location and phone number) so that you can reach us upon arrival.


  9. Volunteer & Cross Cultural Training. If your volunteer project is in Thailand, Laos or Cambodia, we normally ask you to attend our three-day training program. If your project is located in Nepal, you receive a project introduction on arrival there.


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