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Apply from our Online Volunteer Application page. Click on Apply at the top of the page. Tell us about yourself and the type of volunteer project and tasks you're interested in.


You receive a reply from us suggesting one or more projects for you to consider and we ask you for a resume, highlighting your education and work experience as well as special skills and interests.


If you have any questions or want another volunteer option you ask us.

Once you have the information you want, you  Confirm project choice to us.


When you confirm, you will receive Booking Instructions and Travel, Training information from us. This includes information on how you can pay.


To secure your project, you Pay, a deposit or the full fee. Your whole preceding application process is free!


Once you paid, we Confirm Project to you and you receive our Online Pre-Departure Handbooks, with information about volunteering, work, travel, visas, culture and language.

You will also be invited to the free week with the 3 day Volunteer and Cross Cultural Training

And you will also get contacts for travel, arrival, pick up help.


Confirm your Travel Plans at least two weeks before arrival.