Burma Migrants Volunteer

Help Burma (Myanmar) Migrants and Ethnic Minorities in Thailand

Volunteer with young Burmese, Karen and other minorities along the the Thai Burma border

Young migrants lack education. Hundreds of thousands of refugees, migrants and displaced people live along the border between Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand. They face a bleak future without education!

Volunteers are welcome to schools and very simple so called learning centers.

Openmind Projects invites young migrants as trainees at our Training Center in Thailand and also to join our April and October camps there. 

But being stateless, without id papers many are not allowed to travel to us, so this fall, 2016, we pioneered so-called mobile camps in the Border Mountains. You are welcome to join there too! 

These projects suit volunteers up for a challenge, willing to rough it a bit, go the extra length to help those in need. If you like your own space, more comfort, we can help you find a guesthouse in beautiful Umpang town!

Nature and scenery is stunning with the largest protected forest  in Southeast Asia, with amazing but unfortunately threatened wildlife, such as tigers, Asian bisons, elephants, tapirs. Volunteers have a chance to visit including an adventurous trip to Southeast Asia’s largest waterfall, deep set in the jungle.


Volunteer work with Burma migrants

volunteer in camp Thailand

Volunteers teach Basic English and also IT/Internet. Teach English, practice simple conversation, use role plays, also socialize with your students. 

Share your computer and internet skills. Help the students to learn more about the world via online searching and learning. Create world and environment awareness, ask students to search for information, share and talk about it, discuss with you and each other. 

Take part in daily life and work in their village, a great way to practice English and learn about their lives and challenges!



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