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Volunteer in our special Learning Camps for disadvantaged young people  

Our innovative Learning Camps are designed so all volunteers can join! Our camps are arranged to empower disadvantaged children from Thailand, Laos and Myanmar with the help of local people and volunteers!  So our camp team and volunteers prepare together. 

Rural students in Southeast Asia are left behind. Parents are poor. Schools are poor. How to help, encourage them and give them hope?

Bring the world, hope and inspiration to isolated and underprivileged young people. 

Openmind Projects pioneered Learning Camps at our Center in NongKhai, Thailand 2010 to find ways to promote better education for poor farmer children. We wanted to make students interested and to believe that they can learn by exploring the internet in English and their own language, to share and discuss together!  

Our camps encourage team learning and critical thinking while increasing their awareness about the outside world.

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volunteer in camp Thailand

Learning by Doing and Online Learning. Our learning camps are designed to foster learning through IT and searching the internet. Our camps are designed to motivate and instill confidence in campers and to provide them with opportunities to listen to and speak English with international volunteers.

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volunteer in camp Thailand

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volunteer in camp Thailand

As a Camp Volunteer you work together with Openmind Projects local staff as a team.

You will help our campers to learn together, by searching online, to share and discuss their findings about issues like Food and Health, Environment, Jobs, Technology and Education. 

At a Volunteer Camp Thailand you do not teach. You encourage learning by doing in teams.

We motivate campers, give them confidence to learn, to think and to express an independent opinion while improving their English.

Learning to search online (in English) is an important camp element and the ‘Amazing Race’ game has been a very successful and popular way to learn.

It’s Theme and Team Learning, multilearning in many activities and games.  Our camps consist of activities that include fun competition between camper teams.  

Important are the Camp Debates, where campers argue issues like; “Should junk food be banned in schools?” or “Should smartphones be used in class?”

Also important is the Video Competition where campers learn to make “Vlogs”, creative videos, in which they document what they have learned during the camp. They reflect and they create!

They are also encouraged to showcase what they have learned by creating their own stands in a Camp Fair.

Campers and volunteers spend time in the evenings, have fun, speak English, play games, and prepare for the final camp day. Campers work until late in the evenings to prepare for their debates, shoot their Vlogs.

They demonstrate a motivation and confidence to show what they learned that always impressed their parents and teachers! 


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Camp FAQ

Campers  come from villages in Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar.  Volunteers with lots of energy from all over the world are welcome! Openmind Projects staff and trainees come from Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.

Most camps are held at Openmind Projects Training Center in NongKhai, Thailand but we also arrange for “Mobile Camps” to reach out to young people unable to come to our Training Center, such as for Karen, Burmese migrants along the Thailand Burma border.

Mainly during holiday months April and October but also June/July

Most camps are 6 – 8 days long.

Volunteers and Openmind Projects people form teams to lead a Camp Theme and mentor a Camper team.

Camper teams consist of 5-8 campers.


Number of campers at a camp are normally 25-35.


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