21st Century Learning Camps in Thailand

Learning Camp Volunteering Abroad in Thailand

Volunteer at a  21st Century Learning Camp for the poor village, migrant and refugee children!  

60 Camps, 1350 campers, 250 Overseas and many Thai Volunteers

Creating Learners for 21st Century skills!

Together we prepare poor and young village, migrant and refugee campers in our stimulating 21st Century Learning Camps.

Affordable volunteering!

Only Learning, no Teaching!

Campers and volunteers say

Camper Linlee from Laos:

” In our school we follow the teacher and we follow the books – In the OMP camps we learn how to use internet and we learn to be active learners”  

Volunteer Mike from California:

" I have been in awe at the how much children can learn in one week at our camps. They arrive as caterpillars and after a week in the camp cocoon, they depart as butterflies!"               

volunteer in camp Thailand

Overseas Volunteers are welcome to our 21st Century Learning Camps

Together we kick start new learners! Our local staff and trainees come from the same backgrounds as the campers! Now they help their friends!

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volunteer in camp Thailand

What Volunteers and Campers do at our 21st Century Learning and Holiday Camps

Campers learn together with volunteers! Campers get tasks and learn to search (in English) online about important topics like Climate Change - Global Warming & Pollution, Technology - its effects on Jobs & Learning Opportunities, Healthy Living, Food and Drugs.

They share, reflect and debate! “Are robots, a threat to jobs? Ban junk food? Ban smartphones from the classroom?” A very new learning experience to the campers! They get tasks, questions but no answers. They must search, answer and think, form their own opinions!

You do not have to be a teacher!

Volunteers do not teach but help campers to learn! 

Learning must be fun!

Work in teams with our people! Inspire, encourage and guide campers. Give them confidence to learn, think and express their opinions while improving their English! 

We make learning fun! Campers learn to make Video logs to publish on Facebook, YouTube to show friends, family and teachers what they learn. Who get most views and shares? They debate, who uses best arguments, facts, English. Campers love the competition and stay up late, work hard. They are motivated to learn and show what they learned!

Campers created their own Facebook group "We love Openmind Projects

In the evenings, time for games, practicing English, and prepare for the final camp day. 

Volunteers, parents, teachers, their friends and we are all amazed at what the campers achieve in one week at our Holiday and Education Camps!

Camp FAQ

Campers  come from villages in Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar.  Volunteers with lots of energy from all over the world are welcome! Openmind Projects staff and trainees come from Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.

Most camps are held at Openmind Projects Training Center in NongKhai, Thailand but we also arrange for “Mobile Camps” to reach out to young people unable to come to our Training Center, such as for Karen, Burmese migrants along the Thailand Burma border.

Mainly during holiday months April and October but also June/July

Most camps are 6 – 8 days long.

Volunteers and Openmind Projects people form teams to lead a Camp Theme and mentor a Camper team.

Camper teams consist of 5-8 campers.


Number of campers at a camp are normally 25-35.


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