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R&D Volunteer in Thailand

Research and Development Volunteers and Interns in Southeast Asia

Openmind Projects has very limited resources so we are constantly looking to find cost effective ways to reach out and help people; via websites, social media, IT and online based information and tutorials, preparing and arranging camps, looking for funding.

R&D Volunteers and Interns help us improve our services to local people and nature! 

As an R&D volunteer or intern you help us develop better English learning tools and methods and IT, Online Learning ideas for our Camps, trainees and school children. This is an opportunity to improve your skills, boosting your CV while helping the underprivileged! IT support volunteer working with computer to help local projects.

Special offers for specially qualified interns and volunteers. 

We're happy to discuss an R&D project based on your specific skills and experiences!

Apply to volunteer with R&D, or as intern.

international volunteer support training local volunteer at Openmind Projects training center
openmindprojects volunteers are helping on development work at OTC

Openmind Projects Research and Development

As an Intern or Volunteer you work at our Training Center in Nong Khai, where we agree, plan and work on development projects together as teams.

Our Operating Manager and cofounder, Gaweechat is also our IT manager and IT volunteers will work closely with him.

As for learning strategies, and pedagogical methods and tools Sven, our chairman and cofounder, is much involved in this type of development, how to learn English, the design of camps, work with our trainees and Gaweechat is also involved in this type of work so R&D volunteers and interns will work a lot with Sven and Gaweechat but also other staff.

R&D for poverty reduction, a special volunteer opportunity!

As an Intern  or  volunteer your work tasks may be to Research  methods for teaching and learning and develop task and activity-based lesson plans, with a  focus on English,  IT and world awareness. You may work with us on websites, graphic design and online, internet-based information. You may help us improve our databases and emailing systems.  You may help us with grant writing and Fundraising campaigns.

And you may also be asked to help Train our local staff and trainees, take part in our camps, tech some time at a school if you wish.


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