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Volunteer in Laos, Asia,

Volunteering in Laos

Experience genuine Laos as a volunteer with an NGO 

Laos opens up! Tourism is booming and is now a major source of income. Visitors enjoy the beautiful nature, breathtaking mountains for climbing, waterfalls for rafting and the warm cultures of many ethnic groups and languages! 

Visit famous places like Luang Prabang but discover also the unseen Laos, the villages with Openmind Projects!

Lao villagers remain poor. They do not benefit from tourism or the exports of Lao natural resources! Villagers are displaced to allow for hydroelectric dams. Laos’s elephants and tigers are threatened. Human trafficking is common. 

The lack of good education prevents rice farmers from leaving poverty. You can help us help them! Teach children. Help villagers learn English to host eco tourists. Sponsor a Lao trainee to study at our Center!  

When you volunteer you get a free week at our Center in Thailand before start! Affordable volunteering in Laos, only 14 USD a day!

Tell us what you are looking for and we will tell you how you can help!

Watch Volunteers visiting Laos with volunteer Shireen

Volunteering in Laos with Openmind Projects

Volunteer work in Laos

Most volunteers in Laos spend their time teaching, practicing English with children and adults. IT and Internet learning can be combined with English training.  Neither English nor IT training requires a teaching background! We practice Learning by Doing activities and playing games, sports with the village children! 

We are always open to discuss how volunteers can contribute depending on their backgrounds, interests, experience and skills. Tell us!

Volunteer life in Laos

Volunteers in Laos stay either with a host family or in a small. Simple village guesthouse. Eat local food with local friends, hosts! 


Many Laos Trainees pass through Openmind Projects Training Center on their way to a better future

Over the years many poor, young Lao have come as trainees, some started as campers, to stay and learn at our Training Center in Thailand. They improve their English, IT but also other life skills. They empower themselves together with us and volunteers for a better job, further studies or return to help their villages. Volunteers meet some at our Volunteer Training!

Read about our popular Joiy, he did not speak English, never had touched a computer when he came to us!

We are local! We work with many projects and people. Tell us what you are looking for and we will tell you what you can do to help Lao people!

Volunteer Opportunities in Laos

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