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Make 2018 your year to discover Laos as a Volunteer

Volunteer work and teaching in Laos

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A Free Volunteer Week.

Nature, breathtaking mountains, made for climbing, waterfalls made for rafting. Culture, warm and easygoing and diverse! And Poverty, in the countryside.

Affordable Volunteering. Get a free volunteer week when you volunteer with Openmind Projects. Living in Laos is cheap.

Lao, is a country ravaged by war. People still lose their legs and lives due to unexploded bombs.

But Laos is opening up! Tourism is today a major source of income to Laos. Tourism is booming! As a volunteer you get a chance to visit the many famous places Luang Prabang, the old capital, a world culture heritage or travel up the beautiful valleys and, of course, a chance to discover the unseen Laos with us! 

Not all benefit. Villagers are displaced to allow for dams, ongoing exploitation of nature threatens wildlife and human trafficking is common. Villagers remain poor. The lack of good education prevents poor farmers from moving out of poverty.

Volunteer, help Lao villagers!

Volunteering in Laos

Make a difference in Laos. Volunteer and teach English, IT and practical skills in a rice farmer village. Learn about their culture and lives while helping them learn!

Laos communities welcome volunteers to teach English to both children and rice farmers who earn an extra income as guides to eco tourists.

Have a direct impact on these remote communities, help them develop community based eco-tourism.


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Volunteer teaching with Openmind Projects

It’s an amazing chance for the curious volunteer to discover Laos culture and nature, while lending a helping hand and teaching eager students, children and adults.

Many young people from these villages in Laos have come to stay for free at our Training Center in Thailand as trainees to improve their English and working skills for a better job or further studies so that they can return to their villages to help their community.

Meet some of them at our Volunteer Training in Thailand!

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