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Meet Laos as a volunteer with Openmind Projects, make an impact! Teach English, IT, save nature.

Laos is a beautiful, small and landlocked country in the middle of Indochina. Laos is an attractive destination for travelers and volunteers with its stunning nature, mountains, rivers, valleys and jungles

Laos is home to amazingly diverse cultures in the countryside, friendly, smiling but also remaining very poor.

Laos was once ravaged by war. More bombs were dropped on Laos during the Vietnam War than during the entire 2nd world war. Local people still lose their lives and limbs due to unexploded bombs. 

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Ecotourism and exports of Laos natural resources are major sources of income but to a limited number of Laos people and foreign interests.

The ongoing exploitation of the Laos nature and its resources risks ruining the environment, similar to what has happened in Thailand. Human trafficking is still common due to poverty. The gap between poor and privileged is increasing!

Lack of education, especially in rural Laos, makes it almost impossible for the poor to improve their lives. Low paid factory jobs or rice farming are their options.

Volunteers in Laos offer a valuable help to young and older Laos people to find a way out of poverty.

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Volunteer in Laos with Openmind Projects

Openmind Projects supports community projects in Laos and volunteers teach English, sometimes IT, at village schools to young smiling and shy children.

Volunteers also work to develop community based ecotourism together with local Laos people so they benefit, not mainly the tour operators.

It is possible to support the community in other ways too, depending on your skills. Contribute to sustainable village development benefitting the villagers

Meet Laos as a volunteer with Openmind Projects, a Southeast Asia NGO

This is an amazing chance for the openminded volunteer to get immersed in Laos culture, learning from and helping local people!

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