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 Community, Eco Tourism and Teaching in Nepal

Fly to Nepal as a volunteer with Openmind Projects, make an impact! Teach English, work with children, teach children.

As a volunteer in Nepal you will go to an extremely beautiful but also extremely poor country recovering from a long civil war. Tucked between China (Tibet) and India and with the soaring Himalayas in the North and the steaming jungles in the South. Nepal makes for breathtaking, thrilling traveling. Roads may not be roads! If you want to visit one of the most beautiful countries in the world, get a sense of Tibet as well as India, then Nepal may be your volunteer destination!

Nepal offers many interesting places to visit, from the Himalayas, the valleys and mountains to the jungle villages. Amaze at mixed Hindu Buddhist temples, explore the capital Kathmandu, go to the biodiverse Chitwan jungles still  with tigers, crocs and rhinos!  

Nepal nature and river

Why volunteer in Nepal

Volunteer in Nepal with village kids

Most people are very poor and live in rural areas with little access to healthcare and education. Poverty, illiteracy, disease and trafficking are the greatest dangers facing young people and children. Education is one of the keys out of poverty. Volunteers can help us make an impact!

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world so as a volunteer you can help poor farmers, and their children and their nature to a better living and future. Most people live in the countywide with many ethnic groups and languages.

Volunteer in Nepal with Openmind Projects

Poor villagers and their children need help, need education. Openmind Projects and volunteers train and teach children and adults so they can help each other.

Some villages want help to develop village based ecotourism as an extra income to the harvest. As our volunteer you can help increase the income generated by eco-tourism, help villagers rather than commercial tour operators.

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