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See Thailand as a volunteer through the eyes of an NGO

Volunteer to teach English, IT, dive, save marine life.

From azure blue seas in the South, you can explore the misty mountains in the North and the mighty Mekong River with Openmind Projects.

Travel from busy Bangkok malls on super highways, to remote villages on dirt roads. From extreme wealth to extreme poverty!

As a volunteer in Thailand with Openmind Projects see for yourself while making an impact! Volunteer to teach English, IT, health care, save nature.



volunteer in Thailand

See the poor Northeast through the eyes of an NGO

Gap year volunteer learning Thai language at volunteer cross-cultural and volunteer training

Go to Isaan, Northeast Thailand, meet Openmind Projects

In the villages, you will find the old, rural Thailand. At our Training Center you learn about this long forgotten part of Thailand where people speak Isaan, Lao.

Northeast Thailand, called Isaan, makes up one third of the country. People, mainly subsistence rice farmers, are ethnic Laos. Bordered by Laos and Cambodia, it is far from the popular tourist spots in the South. But many poor young go to find a job there!

Northeast Thailand offers many interesting places to visit. Trek in the mountains> Visit a rice farmer village or a Naga temple. Watch wild elephants and relax along the mighty Mekong River!

Why volunteer in Northeast Thailand. 

Isaan is one of the least developed parts of Thailand. Schools are poor. Most young leave their villages heading for low paid jobs elsewhere.  

Volunteer in Northeast Thailand with Openmind Projects

Openmind Projects was born in 2001, in Isaan, as www.itinisan.org, a pioneer project to empower village children with the help of IT. Volunteers are welcome to our Training Center in NongKhai. 

This is where volunteers are introduced to volunteering. This is where we train young people from Southeast Asia. This is where we arrange our popular Learning Camps.

Volunteers also help local communities, schools, health centers, eco projects in Isaan.



Volunteer in the Border Mountains, the Northwest

Meet ethnic minorities, Karen and Burmese

In the mountains between Thailand and Myanmar, you find a variety of ethnic groups. The Karen, Kachin, and Hmong are some of the original inhabitants and make up a significant part of the population on the Thai as well as the Myanmar sides of the border. Many are displaced, refugees, stateless, legal or illegal immigrants. 

The area offers many amazing places to visit, waterfalls, white water rafting, jungles, mountains, opportunities to watch rare wildlife, mountains, mountain villages, crossing over to Myanmar, parts of which are controlled by ethnic minority groups.

Why volunteer in the Border Mountains 

Ethnic minorities are left behind. They grow up with their own languages. Many don’t have access to proper schools.

The area is home to a very large number of refugees as well as legal and illegal immigrants, many stateless. The poverty rate is the highest in Thailand, 60 %! People work as low paid labor on farms and in factories in some of the remotest but also most beautiful parts of Thailand.

Poor or no education and health problems are major obstacles to poverty reduction, leaving the people open to abuse and exploitation. 

Volunteer with Openmind Projects 

Openmind Projects and its volunteers work in village schools. Volunteers teach English and computer skills. From 2016 we also special Mobile Camps for ethnic Karen and Burmese students in the mountains!

You volunteer in remote and beautiful mountains with amazing waterfalls, ethnic diversity, near the wildest parts of Southeast Asia, in villages, and towns. Ideal for volunteers who love nature and mountains. If ready to ‘rough’ it, go out of your comfort zone, a unique, rewarding experience and lifelong memory awaits you!

volunteer in Burma
volunteer in Burma

See the Sea and the South

volunteer south thailand

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Meet a melting pot of Thai, Malay, Chinese and Tourist Cultures

With beaches shining in the sun and the seas, amazing diving and rock climbing, no wonder tourists from all over the world flock here. 

Why volunteer in South Thailand

Tourism is booming but beaches, coral reefs and marine life suffer. Tourism has brought wealth to some and low-paid jobs to others.

Migrants come here to find a job, on the beach, in the bars or to work on a farm or a fishing boat. They come from Isaan or Myanmar. Some, like the sea people,  with their own unique culture have lost their land to tourism developers. The large scale fishing industry is accused of exploiting labor and human trafficking!

Volunteer in South Thailand with Openmind Projects 

Volunteer at small schools, temples, marine conservation projects, towns, villages and on islands in and by the Andaman Sea.

You volunteer by beautiful beaches, mangrove forests, rice fields, and mountains in villages, agro- and eco-tourism projects, at schools, on a Muslim island. Ideal for volunteers who love nature and sea, to learn new things, and be immersed in local culture. Amazing opportunities for marine conservation volunteers in the Andaman Sea.

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