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About Volunteering in Thailand 

Volunteering in Thailand is very popular. Friendly smiling people, polite often shy students, big cities, and small villages.  The contrast between the rags and the riches disturb many and some therefore choose to volunteer in Thailand.

Over 30 million travelers visit Thailand every year, westerners and Asian tourists. 30 million visitors means almost 50 % of the Thai population. No wonder tourism is one of the most important sources of income to Thais. 

Rice farmer children with poor education, marginalized ethnic minorities, stateless end up in low paid jobs, sweat shops, as underpaid farm hands or in factories. Many, who can, go abroad as guest workers, migrants. A large number go to work in the tourism sector to support their families. Then, speaking a language, especially English, is important.

Choosing to Volunteer in Thailand 

You can choose a volunteer travel agency focused on offering placements for volunteers, voluntourists with many destinations in many countries.

Your other option is to join a local nonprofit, organization that is focused on supporting the local community, people and projects.

It depends on the kind of experience you are looking for, the kind of services you need and the amount of money you are prepared to spend.

What you can do as a volunteer with Openmind Projects

Our focus is supporting the local community and welcoming , training volunteers to help us!

Education, knowledge is a way out of poverty, whether to go on to study or to get a better job.

Volunteer teacher in Thailand. As a volunteer in Thailand with us you get a chance to help people to learn, to learn English and to learn to learn by using IT and Internet. Our ambition is to empower people, helping people to learn by learning to learn, the best way!

Volunteer in eco-tourism, conservation projects in Thailand. As a volunteer in Thailand, you can help protect the environment, engane3rewd animals, help local people to benefit from community based and eco-tourism. 

Health care volunteer in Thailand. Some Thailand volunteers with a medical background learn about local health care while helping local staff, which often includes practicing English with the Thai nurses.

Volunteer in Northeast Thailand, the South by the sea, the North, in the mountains. As a volunteer in Thailand you can go to many places, and you can choose from a more comfortable place to stay to ‘roughing ‘it a bit, getting into local village life. In exchange you are really getting immersed in Thai culture as a Thailand village volunteer!

Tell us if you are interested in volunteering in Thailand

In the mountains with ethnic minorities or teaching Muslim children on an island. 

At a training center for underprivileged youth in Southeast Asia or at special learning camps for Thai Lao, Burmese, Karen and Khmer students.

In a village with a chance to go wild elephant trekking or in a town by the Mekong River or by the sea.

In a marine conservation project, go diving, to teach English at a temple or teach IT, computer skills and online searching/learning at a school.

At a hospital or to take care of young children.

Based on your interest and skills we will guide you to the right volunteer project. 

When you volunteer in Thailand with Openmind Projects you can choose between many different projects and volunteer tasks around Thailand

As a volunteer in Thailand with a local NGO you get to experience the real Thailand while having a chance to make an impact to peoples’ lives.


volunteer in Thailand

Volunteer in Northeast Thailand

Gap year volunteer learning Thai language at volunteer cross-cultural and volunteer training


Go to Isaan, Northeast Thailand where people speak Isaan, Lao

In Isaan villages, you will find the old, rural countrylife! At our Training Center in Nongkhai you can learn more about this forgotten part of Thailand.

Northeast Thailand makes up one third of the country. People, mainly subsistence rice farmers, are ethnic Laos. Bordered by Laos and Cambodia, it is far from the popular tourist spots in the South. But many poor young have to go to find a job there!

Northeast Thailand offers many interesting places to volunteer at and to visit. Stay in a rice farmer village or volunteer at a temple at our Center, go wild elephant trekking in the Phu Wua Mountains, by the Mekong River!

Why volunteer in Northeast Thailand

Isaan is one of the least developed regions of Thailand. Schools are poor. Young have to leave their villages for low paid jobs elsewhere.  

Volunteer in Northeast Thailand with Openmind Projects

Openmind Projects was born in 2001, in Isaan, as www.itinisan.org, a pioneer IT learning project. . 

Volunteers are welcome to our Training Center in NongKhai. This is where new volunteers are introduced to volunteering. And this is where we train young people from Southeast Asia and arrange popular Learning Camps.

Volunteers also go to help local communities, teach at schools, at health centers, eco projects.

Apply to volunteer in Northeast Thailand. 


Volunteer in North Thailand

Volunteer, help ethnic minorities

In the mountains between Thailand and Myanmar, you will find a variety of ethnic groups. Karen, Lahu, Kachin, and Hmong make up the significant part of the population in the mountains. Many are displaced, refugees, stateless, legal or illegal immigrants. 

The area offers some of the most scenic places to visit in Thailand, waterfalls, jungles, mountains, opportunities to go white water rafting, watch rare wildlife, visit remote mountain villages, cross over to Myanmar.

Why volunteer in the Border Mountains 

These ethnic minorities are often neglected, left behind. They grow up with their own languages. Many don’t even go to schools.

The poverty rate is the highest in Thailand! People work as low paid labor on farms and in factories if they have a job at all...

Poor or no education and health problems are the major obstacles to get out of poverty, leaving people open to abuse and exploitation. 

Volunteer with Openmind Projects 

Openmind Projects support in village children in schools. Volunteers teach English and computer skills. From 2016 we also arrange special Mobile Camps for students who cannot come to our Center. 

You volunteer in remote areas, near some of the wildest parts of Southeast Asia, so Ideal for volunteer who is ready for simple, an adventure and very rewarding experience.   Be ready to ‘rough’ it a bit, go out of your comfort zone and a lifelong memory awaits you!

Apply to volunteer in Thailand with ethnic minorities.

volunteer in Burma
volunteer in Burma

Volunteer in South Thailand

A melting pot of Asian and Tourist Cultures

Shining beaches and azure blue seas, amazing diving, rock climbing and delicious cuisine, spicy sea food, no wonder tourists from all over the world flock here.

But the coin has two sides! The people serving the tourist mostly come from poor backgrounds, seeking out a living to support themselves and their families back home.

Why volunteer in South Thailand

Tourism is booming but coral reefs and marine life suffer. Tourism has brought wealth to some but only low-paid jobs to others.

Migrants come here to find a job. They come from north Thailand, Cambodia or Myanmar. The Chao Lee, sea people, with their unique marine culture have often lost their land to tourism developers. Large scale fishing fleets deplete the waters of fish and exploit labor.  The original Muslim population, fisherman, in the south suffer.

Volunteer in South Thailand with Openmind Projects 

You will help people, and protect marine life, at schools, temples, conservation projects, in towns, villages, islands by the And

Apply to volunteer  in South Thailand.

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