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Your Reasons to Volunteer in Thailand.

Thailand Nature. Seas, islands, mountains and jungles.

Cultures of Thailand. Temples, villages, music, Thai dancing and of course the spicy, but very tasty, food! And volunteers find it easy and inexpensive to live in Thailand. The cost of living is low. As a volunteer you can lead a modest but comfortable life! 

Poverty in Thailand! Too many are left behind!

International volunteers are advised to teach at public schools who cannot afford a foreign English teacher. Opting for rural Thailand, is a great way to be immersed in Thai culture while helping those who need your help! You don’t need to be a teacher! What the children need most, is a chance to practice simple English!  

Learning should be fun but children don’t like learning English at school the old style. Successful volunteers engage students in fun activities like Openmind Projects Role Plays and games!   

Openmind Projects works with several projects in Thailand. Volunteers are welcome, depending on availability and season,

Teach trainees and students, Buddhist novices at Openmind Projects Center in Thailand. Teach English and IT in rice farmer villages in the Northeast, Isaan, the heart of Indochina. Join Openmind Projects special Learning Camps. Read about our Camps. Volunteer in mountain schools in North Thailand. Teach minority and refugee children. Volunteer in South Thailand. Teach English. Volunteer at a marine conservation project. Care volunteers work with nurses and doctors. Volunteer for community based ecotourism and conservation. 

Volunteer in Northeast Thailand, Isaan

Take Rice Farmer Children out of Poverty

Read about The Heart of Indochina

Called Isaan, this is one of the poorest regions of Thailand. Village schools are poor. Students drop out, have few job prospects. But the region offers the volunteer a unique and rewarding experience. Untouched by mass tourism, with the authentic and friendly touch of Thai culture you will learn to love it!

Teach at schools, temples, in villages and towns.

Stay at our Training Center by the Mekong River. Help our young trainees. Our Center is an ideal base for young volunteers, families and volunteers who are new to volunteering and Asia!

Volunteer in our spectacular Camps, now also in the Thai Burma Mountains. Watch Camp Thailand.  

Live with a friendly rice farmer family, a wonderful experience to remember for life! Teach at a village school like Sabaeng.

Much to do in your free time!

Visit nearby Laos! The capital Vientiane, or the old capital, beautiful Luang Prabang or the stunning valley and mountains in between!

Adventurous volunteers go wild elephant trekking.

Or just relax, go swimming, eat, and have a drink by the river. Hang out with our friendly staff, trainees and other volunteers.



Volunteer in the Thai Burma Mountains

Teach Marginalized Ethnic Minority Children

The border mountains host to a variety of ethnic minorities, Karen, Lahu, Kachin, Hmong. Most are migrants, refugees or stateless.

Volunteer with Openmind Projects and  help people in the poorest part of Thailand.

North Thailand offers the most scenic nature. Go to the largest waterfall, trek in dense jungles with rare wildlife. Go white water rafting and visit remote hill tribe villages! If not enough, cross over to Myanmar, continue exploring!

Most important, the poverty rate is the highest in Thailand. The lack of education and health care makes it almost impossible to break out of poverty!

Volunteers Helping Ethnic Minorities in Thailand

Teach children in poor village schools. Teach English and IT at schools on the border.

In 2016, we ran our first and very successful Mobile Mountain Camps, reaching out to young people who are unable to come to our Camps at our Center. We continue to run these Camps.

Help us give the campers a hope and opportunity.

You as a volunteer get a fantastic and meaningful experience!

Read about Mobile Camps in the Mountains

Volunteer in South Thailand

volunteer south thailand

Volunteers! Help Disadvantaged Children in South Thailand, Muslims, Sea People and threatened Marine Life

Read about Volunteer by the sea in South Thailand

Volunteer in a melting pot of of Asian cultures, Thai, Chinese, Malay, Muslim and Buddhist living together,  enjoying shining beaches, azure blue seas and delicious mixed cuisine. No wonder, millions of tourists and backpackers travel here every year to relax in the sun, to take in the sights, to dive and more.

But there is another side to the story too!

People working in hospitality are mostly poor migrants from the North, Cambodia or Myanmar, seeking out a living to support themselves and their families back home. 

Tourism is booming while the coral reefs and marine life suffer. The Chao Lee, the ‘sea people’, with their unique marine traditions and culture lose land to tourism developers. Large scale fishing deplete the waters of fish and local fishermen trying to provide for their families lose out!

How to help

Openmind Projects works with many projects and our volunteers go to teach at local schools, in communities and temples or take part in marine conservation programs a survey divers or marine biologists.  

Read about a special Community based tourism project

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