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Career as a Volunteer or Intern in Southeast Asia, Thailand

Kick start,  boost your international career with Openmind Projects 

Interested in international development and to work with a non-government organization?  

Openmind Projects is a Thai and award winning nonprofit NGO, founded in 2002. We have a Training Center in Thailand, arrange for learning camps for poor children and support field projects in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal. 

Add professional merits and value to your CV! 

Subsidized internships for qualified specialists!

Volunteer jobs and NGO work

Intern and Volunteer Jobs

Volunteer Phuket Marine Research

Join a team of dedicated overseas interns, volunteers and Openmind Projects local staff.

You will work and stay at our Training Center in Nong Khai, Thailand.

Besides your main tasks, you may also train our local people, take part in our camps, visit our field projects. 

Flexible start date. Minimum period a month. All opportunities are unpaid but subsidized, accommodation and meals.

Tell us what job opportunity you are interested in. Add a resume and send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. marked Career.



Career Opportunities with Openmind Projects


Social Media 

We are looking for ambitious interns, volunteers, students. Help us use social media to communicate with yje world, volunteers, supporters, donors. 

Travel Writers, Bloggers, Videographers and Photographers  

Write about, make videos about an NGO with state of the art ideas and ways of helping people and nature?

Travel writers, bloggers, videographers and photographers who are interested in documenting our work are welcome! 

Grant Writer

We are looking for one or more grant writers to help us find sponsors so we can expand our groundbreaking Learning Camps to new  places.

We are looking for one or several persons with an interest in nonprofit work. Dates are flexible, minimum 6 months.

Web Designer, Web Developer

We are looking for one or more web designers and developers.

Our only way to reach out to volunteers, interns, students, retired, working and family volunteers as well as donors and supporters is via Internet. 

Your task is to help more people looking to work with or support poverty reduction find our web site.

We welcome several interns, volunteers! 

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