Discover Northeast Thailand, amazing Isaan

Northeast Thailand, amazing Isaan

Why Volunteer Work in North East Thailand, the unseen Isaan

Nature -the Mekong River, the mountains and national parks. 

Culture - more temples and villages than elsewhere in Thailand, happy Isaan music, ‘Luk Thong’, the dancing,  very spicy papaya, ‘som tam’  and  meat salad, ‘larb’, not as the curry in Bangkok! 

Poverty - Isaan has historically been providing the cheap labor to the industrialized Bangkok area and to other countries. You don’t find many people in their 20’s left in the villages, with insufficient education all gone for low paid jobs elsewhere.

Being poor, Isaan is the most inexpensive region to volunteer in, in Thailand. 

Volunteer work. What

Our volunteers teach English and computer skills, Internet and online searching, learning.

Volunteers practice conversation and teach English in role plays and help students make presentations. 

Volunteers with special interests and skills may teach other subjects too, gardening, health care.

You don’t need to be a teacher, to engage students in role plays.

Watch our volunteers teaching English in a Role Play with young children at an Isaan school! 



Volunteer in Isaan, the Northeast

Volunteer work for whom

Take a rice farmer girl out of poverty and she will help her family! The son too!

Isaan children deserve a better chance to learn, a chance to learn English, to learn to use computers and internet to learn! 

Teach Thai, Lao and Burmese students at our Center. 

Teach children small schools in the Nongkhai area that cannot afford a foreign English teacher.

Teach Buddhist novices at temples.

Teach rice farmer children in villages.

Volunteer work. Where

Teach at schools, temples, in villages and towns.

Stay at our Training Center by the Mekong River in Nongkhai, the border town to Laos. Our Center is an ideal base for young volunteers, families and volunteers who are new to volunteering and Asia!

Volunteer in our spectacular Camps. Watch Camp Thailand

Live with a friendly rice farmer family, a wonderful experience to remember for life! Teach at a village school like the  Sabaeng

Teach in the mountains where you can go wild elephant watching.

Free time in Northeast Thailand, the Heart of Indochina

Visit nearby Laos! The capital Vientiane, or the old capital, beautiful Luang Prabang or the stunning valley and mountains in between! Adventurous volunteers go wild elephant trekking. Or just relax, go swimming, eat, and have a drink by the river. Hang out with our friendly staff, trainees and other volunteers.

Read about The Heart of Indochina

Did you know?

Isaan is the least-visited region in Thailand and the poorest! But with the most spectacular sunset in Thailand, over the Mekong River!

One third of the country, in space and population, the friendly Isaan rice farmers speak Lao, not Thai!   

In October, every full moon night, strange fireballs rise out of the Mekong, the Naga fireballs!

The unique Sala Kaew Khu Temple and Sculpture Park in Nongkhai, features gigantic statues of the Lord Buddha.

Nongkhai is the gateway to Laos and a truly Indochinese town, where Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Isaan, Lao mix, work and live together. Many Vietnamese live along the Mekong, the Amazon of Southeast Asia. 

You find many ancient Khmer temples in Isaan and many national parks some where you can go wild elephant trekking.

Farming is the main livelihood but millions of young Isaan economic refugees head for Bangkok, or abroad to find a job. The Vietnam War fuelled the sex industry, now they go to Bangkok or the South. 


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