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Volunteer in Thailand , the South

About Volunteering in South Thailand

Volunteer in South Thailand with a local NGO

Enjoy the nature. Enjoy the sun, the shining beaches, blue seas, amazing rock islands.

Enjoy the many cultures, the diversity of South Thailand as our volunteer. Enjoy the melting pot of Asian cultures where Thai, Chinese, Malay, Muslims and Buddhists live together in harmony.

Volunteer to help young people out of poverty!  Fishermen, farm workers, migrants are left behind! Human trafficking is a problem!  The Chao Le, the ‘sea people’, with their own unique culture has lost land to tourism developers. Large-scale fishing fleets deplete the waters. Local anglers have a hard time to earn an income for their families!

Teach English to children and adults in towns and villages, on islands. Teach IT and Internet as way to learn without school. Volunteer at a marine conservation project. Volunteer to help local communities.

Volunteering in South Thailand with Openmind Projects


Did you know this about South Thailand?

South Thailand is one the most popular travel destinations in the world!

Buddhism is the main religion in Thailand but in the South Muslims make up the majority. People speak Thai with a special accent and any speak Jahve (Malay).  People are ethnic Thai, Malay, Chinese, Chao Le (sea people) and migrants.

The economy is based on tourism, agriculture and fishing.

Only two seasons really, hot and wet (monsoon).

South Thai food is close to Malay food, with Indian curries and spicy and seafood of course!   

Island hopping is popular with Phi Phi, Similan Islands and the Tarutao archipelago in the Deep South.  

Snorkeling, diving with sharks, barracudas, and stingrays is possible if you wish! 

Krabi is for backpackers and budget travelers. Ao Nang for tourists. Koh Lanta for families and Phuket for those with a thicker wallet!


Volunteer work in South Thailand

Most volunteers are teaching, practicing English with children at schools. IT and Internet learning can be combined with English training.  Neither English nor IT training requires a teaching background! We practice Learning by doing activities! Qualified volunteers may join special marine projects.

We are always open to discuss how volunteers can contribute depending on their backgrounds, interests, experience and skills. Tell us!

Volunteer life in South Thailand

Volunteers in Northeast Thailand either stay at a guesthouse, rent their own room or stay a with a host family.

Help disadvantaged children, adults and communities. Farmer and fisherman children, migrant children. Muslims, Sea People, guest workers, migrants. Help protect threatened marine life. Openmind Projects works with many projects teach children at a school, in a community, at a temple or help staff at a marine conservation project. 

Volunteer in Krabi surroundings and on Koh Lanta.



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