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Teach English in Asia

Teach English as a volunteer in Asia

Teach English in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal

Poor children never get a chance to speak English. That is why a volunteer teacher is so important! 

Our English volunteer teachers help children to learn the fun, the  Learning by Doing way in Role Plays and English games! 

Volunteer teachers not only help children to speak English, but also to like it and to gain the confidence to speak. Our volunteers make it fun not difficult, not a lot of grammar! Together we make children like to learn English!

English Volunteer Teachers must Inspire

Our English Volunteers in Thailand,  Laos, Cambodia, Nepal teach English the fun way

Teaching English as a volunteer does not have to be difficult. Our focus is on conversation, encouraging  people to speak, not to bother about grammar!

You don’t need to be a teacher to be a great help! Kids need to practice simple English, talking to you!

Asian children learn English by rote, to say, repeat something they do not even  understand so they do not like it at all! They  never get a chance to speak English to someone in full sentences. They only learn vocab and boring grammar!

We do things differently! We  use Role Plays and Learning by Doing, so our volunteer teachers make children like English very much! 

A Role Play in the classroom is the next best to real life! And kids loves games, and quizzes, competition.

You will learn more when you come for your free training week!

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The English Volunteer Teacher Day

English volunteer teachers teach 3-4 lessons a day add some time to prepare lessons. Simple role plays engage kids and then they learn to make full sentences, not just vocab or 'boring' grammar. They gain confidence to speak!

Socialize with the children after school, play games, sing songs, cook, eat together, have fun ! You learn local language and customs, kids learn English and like it! Talk about things you are all interested in. Help kids express themselves in simple sentences! 

More advanced students can get tasks to search online  about an interesting topic and make a presentation, in English, to share with their friends.

This is how we work with our trainees and campers.  l

Volunteer in Asia in four easy steps

1 - Check your options

Where and What.

2 - Discuss volunteering with us

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3 - Join a free volunteer week of training

Cross cultural, volunteer work, language and teach training

4 - your volunteer adventure starts

Go to your project in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia or Nepal.

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