Teach English as a Volunteer in Asia

Innovate Teaching English in Thailand and Southeast Asia

Teaching English as a Foreign Language is not about teaching!

It's about learning! How and why did you learn your language? What were your first words and why? The most important words?  

We thought about this. Do young people like to learn by heart, to memorize? Apple, orange, red, yellow, green. New words without a context and without knowing when and where they will use them. Or do they want to learn to make themselves understood because they need to? If you are hungry, what is the most important word? I, am or hungry? 

Got it? Maybe it sounds silly to you, too bvious? Well, we are happy to tell you how we like to help young people to learn English! Just contact us. Come for our free volunteer training.

Read on!

Poor children in Southeast Asia don't get a chance to speak English in situations that make sense to them. Instead they memorize so they find it very boring. They don't learn. This is where a volunteer can play such a difference! 

Our volunteers help young people to learn English the 'Learning by Doing' way in role plays with situations that relate to their lives, or by learning about a topic and making a presentation about it, from basic to more advanced and in games where children use English! 

Volunteers practice English with children and make them enjoy it and dare to speak. 


Innovative English Volunteers Inspire, Practice English. Don't teach.  

Helping children to learn English as a volunteer does not have to be difficult. Focus on  Listen and speak, conversation, role plays, helping kids to make presentations from simple about themselves to more advanced about a topic they like.!

You don’t need to be a teacher! Kids need  practice, speaking and listening, using English in a meaningful way, not just to please the teacher.

Asian children are taught English by rote. They memorize, repeat, don't like! 

We like role plays, games and other Learning by Doing activities so our volunteers make children like English. That is the innovation!

Ask us for more information. Learn more as our innovative volunteer!


English Volunteer Teacher, a typical day

You teach English 3-4 lessons per day plus take time to prepare your lessons. 

Socialize with the children after school, play games, sing, cook, eat together, That makes them like to English and you have fun and learn their language and customs! 


Teach English as a Volunteer - Where

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Teach English in North ThailandWest Thailand with Migrants or South Thailand 

Teach English in LaosCambodia or Nepal

Volunteer in Asia in four easy steps

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Where and What.

2 - Discuss volunteering with us

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3 - Join a free volunteer week of training

Cross cultural, volunteer work, language and teach training

4 - your volunteer adventure starts

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