Teach English as our Education Volunteer Overseas

Volunteer Teach English with Openmind Projects in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia or Nepal, in Asia

Teach English Volunteers are some of the most important education volunteers overseas. 

Students in Southeast Asia don't do well in international English tests. They memorize English so they never learn to speak. Together we can change!

Help us make English fun, for kids to learn and volunteers to teach 

After many years working with young students, we have our own teach English style with volunteers, at our Center, camps and field projects. We inspire, build confidence to learn English. Village children find our Learning by Doing way to be more fun and so it is more effective!

When a village girl comes to our Center, she has been taught English for many years but does not speak it. After some months she speaks with volunteers and each other, She is more motivated and confident!

Our Multi Learning means learning in role-plays, from basic to more advanced, simulating familiar, daily situations. And like students learn to search online for information and tell each other and volunteers what they find. They make presentations, videos, share online. They listen and speak, read and write and use body language too, all in one task!

Free Opportunity
Come to our Center. Spend some days with us, before you start. Learn more about our English teaching style! 

Teach English, practice, speak and listen with students

Help renew the English teaching, make their English learning fun!   

We inspire! Children learn  

Helping children to learn English does not have to be difficult! We focus on conversation, simple dialogues, role plays, let them introduce themselves or an interesting topic!

As a volunteer you don’t have to be a teacher! Girls and boys need practice, want to use English in a way that is meaningful. They don't like to memorize. Help them!

Where our Volunteers teach English

At our Training Center and our Learning Camps

In North ThailandWest Thailand, Migrants and South Thailand 

In LaosCambodia and Nepal

 Your Day as an English Volunteer Teacher

Normally your day is about 4-5 hours. Teach English lessons plus time to prepare together with our people, a teacher or alone depending on where you go.

Start with some free days at our Center and we tell and show you more!


Volunteer in Asia in four easy steps

1 - Check your options

Where and What.

2 - Discuss volunteering with us

Apply and we reply.

3 - Join a free volunteer week of training

Cross cultural, volunteer work, language and teach training

4 - your volunteer adventure starts

Go to your project in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia or Nepal.

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