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Free Volunteer Training in Asia

Volunteer Training in Thailand

 Volunteers Preparing for Success

             'When in Rome, do like the Romans do'

You are invited to a free volunteer week at our Center in Thailand! Free training for volunteers of all ages. Held once monthly.

You will learn about volunteer work in Asia, about how an NGO strives to help local people. You will learn about local culture, etiquette and values, about local education and our teaching, learning by doing, philosophy. You will learn about Southeast Asian countries  and you will learn some survival Thai or Laos, maybe Burmese language! 

Do join our praised and fun volunteer training. A real kick start to your volunteer trip!

Do it together with our people who come from the very grass roots projects and villages our volunteers go to serve.

You get this week and 3 day workshop for free and before start when you enrol as our volunteer! Other volunteers are also welcome for a fee!

Arrive on a Monday, work with our people, visit a school or other local project. Discuss your volunteer mission.

Wednesday – Friday you take part in our hands on volunteer workshop. It even includes teaching children at a local school!

Interact and practice your new language skills with street vendors, taxi, tuk tuk, drivers, in a food market and at a school. Discuss and exchange culture experiences! Help prepare a special welcome dinner! 


Go sightseeing with our people. Visit the amazing, giant temple sculptures at Sala Kaeow Khu, the royal temple, Wat Po Chai, with the stolen golden Buddha, have lunch by the Mekong River. 

 Free Volunteer Training. When and where

Once a month at our Training Center in NongKhai by the Mekong River in Thailand. If you come in between the training days you will get an individual introduction!

Training Dates 2018, 2019

December 18, January 9, February 6, March 6, March 27, May 1, June 5, July 3, August 7, September 4, September 25, November 6, December 4   

Flexible arrivals for volunteers who volunteer at our Training Center and in NongKhai, Thailand.


Your preparation today.

Your success tomorrow!

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