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Free Volunteer Training Overseas

Free Volunteer Week in Thailand

Free Introduction Week

Language, Culture, Teaching Workshop in Thailand

Join our famous and  fun volunteer training. The best start to overseas volunteering! Interact, work with Openmind Projects staff and trainees and other volunteers, learn about culture, life and volunteering. Praised by previous volunteers, a key to volunteer success! Useful for all volunteers and mandatory for some projects. 

Openmind Projects volunteers get a free volunteer week with a free 3 day Workshop of interactive training before start! Other volunteers are welcome too!

Arrive on a Monday, warm up, work with our people and volunteers. Visit a school. Wednesday - Friday we have the 3-day intense, and fun language, culture, volunteer workshop and that includes teaching children at a school for those who will/want to teach!

Discussions, Action and Interaction. Learning by doing! Role Plays.

Interact, practice Thai, Lao language with street vendors, in a market, at a school. Gain insights into local culture and life. Discuss, exchange culture ideas with us and volunteers! Prepare a special welcome and culture dinner together!

When and where

Once a month at our Training Center in NongKhai by the Mekong River, less than an hour from the nearest airport Udon Thani, less than hour from Vientiane, the Lao capital!

Activities Day by Day

Day 1

Sawas dee! We start by introducing ourselves, volunteers and Openmind people.

Then a quick, intense exercise to learn to order food in Thai or Laos, before you go out for lunch to do just that by yourself! Learning by doing. 

After lunch we discuss your, our, the projects’ expectations. 

And we explain the background to Openmind Projects, our mission and ambitions, key projects.

In the evening we ll send you out, on your own, vocab hunting in the famous Indochinese market by the river!

Day 2

Today we focus on culture, local habits, behavior and etiquette, maybe a short culture role-play by our people! 

We will discuss what lies behind these local habits and behavior, very important to understand when you work with local people. 

We will also discuss how people, learn and how we think they learn best and listen to your ideas too!

You will learn more language, to take a tuk tuk, to go shopping at the market for food for our welcome dinner.

We prepare our welcome dinner together. At dinner, you introduce yourself to everybody in Thai, Lao, maybe Burmese or Karen and our people will do the same in their language and in English. This will be followed by a traditional welcome ceremony and dancing. 

Day 3

You learn more useful volunteer and teaching language. 

Those of you who want to teach will have a chance to prepare lesson plans and practice team-teaching together with our people in the morning.

After lunch, we go to school! 

You get a chance to practice teaching local girls and boys! Some are very interested, some maybe a bit naughty, who knows?  And in between these mini lessons, we discuss together what we learned. Learning by doing!

After this reality experience, we return to the Openmind Projects to discuss and reflect on what you have learned during these three days.

Day 4

Go sightseeing with our trainees. Visit the amazing, giant   Sala Kaeow Khu Temple sculptures, the Royal temple, Wat Po Chai, have lunch by the river or other attractions in Nong Khai. 

In the afternoon we may schedule special and individual meetings with new volunteers.

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