Immersive Volunteer and Culture Training

Get a Free Volunteer Week in Thailand 

Volunteer overseas with Openmind Projects and get a free volunteer week before you start! 

The best start to volunteer overseas. Interact with local people, learn about culture, life and volunteering. Recommended and praised by previous volunteers! Your key to volunteer success! 

Join our famous and  fun volunteer training in Thailand, free for Openmind Projects volunteers and open to other volunteers too.  

Yourweek free volunteer week starts on a Monday with 2 days  warming up with Openmind Projects staff and trainees. Then you will have 3 days of intense, and fun language, culture, volunteer work and teach training!

Less talk , more action and interaction. Learning by doing! Role Plays.

Practice your Thai or Lao on the streets, at a school. Meet people, gain insights into local culture and life. Exchange ideas with volunteers and Openmind Projects people!

Free Volunteer Week. When and where

Once a month at our Training Center in Nong Khai by the Mekong River on the border to Laos. Volunteers are welcome to  stay at our Center (for free) or a nice, local guesthouse. 

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Volunteer Training Schedule

Day 1

We start with introductions from Openmind staff and trainees, then have an intensive language training. We discuss about the expectations of volunteers and Openmind Projects. We also talk about Openmind Projects' background, mission, philosophy and volunteer resources.

Day 2

Today the focus is on culture. We give insight into local behavior, etiquette, and more importantly, the values that lie behind. You learn how to work with local people. In the afternoon, we continue our language course, with a trip to use your new skills in a real situation. The evening consists of a 'welcome dinner' and traditional Thai/Laos entertainment.

Day 3

Volunteers learn useful language for a classroom environment. Further you develop lesson plans and practice 'team-teaching' with other volunteers. Practice this lesson in the center before going to a local school and teaching your lesson to a class! We return to the Openmind Projects Training center for a feedback session.

Day 4

Do some sightseeing and ask our trainees if they want to join and visit the unique Sala Kaeo Khu Temple Park, see crocodiles, the royal Wat Po Chai and other tourist attractions in Nong Khai. Openmind Projects will schedule meetings to discuss going on to your project.

Volunteer Training Dates. Possible to start on other dates


January 4

May 10

September 27

February 1

June 7

October 18

March 1

July 5

November 1

March 29

August 2

December 20

April 19

August 30


January 10

February 7

March 7

March 28

May 2

May 30

June 27

July 25

August 22

September 26

October 31

November 28

December 19

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